Autodesk announce changes are coming

When Autodesk announced back in August changes were coming, I got a little sceptical and immediately thought about the great Michael Jackson.

The Product Design Collection was renamed to the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection and the following applications were added for the same price:

  • Nastran In-CAD with is an integrated non-linear FEA solver for Inventor and Solidworks, which was $5,000 Ex. GST for a Annual Subscription and
  • HSM Ultimate which does up to 5-axis CNC machining and is also an integrated platform for Inventor and Solidworks that also sold for around the $5k mark.

As Autodesk transition to the One Model, there are making the Collections offering more enticing for not only existing clients on Maintenance and Subscription but also new clients considering a product design solution.

For AUD $475.00 for a Monthly Subscription or $3,460 Ex. GST for an Annual Subscription, I can’t find an offering out there that will give you 2D/3D Mechanical, Electrical and Architectural CAD with non-linear FEA and 5-Axis machining plus all the other products that were already in the Collection.

This September, Autodesk announced the new offerings in the Architecture Engineering and Construction Collection:

  • Advance Steel
  • Robot Structural Analysis Pro
  • Revit Live
  • Dynamo Studio
  • Fabrication CADMEP

Advance Steel is a structural steel detailing package based on AutoCAD, Robot will do non-linear analysis for Advance Steel and Revit, Revit Live is a cloud absed visualisation and VR platform, Dynamo Studio is a visual scripting package that has more features than the version of Dynamo in Revit and CADMEP is for 3D MEP design at the fabrication level.

This is about another $10k of Subscriptions thrown in at the same price of $475 per month or $3,780 for an Annual Subscription Ex. GST and yet again, shop around, this is amazing value if you need more than one tool for the job.

Anyone who’s on the Collection will get these additional products in their portal at no additional cost.

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