Why Buy 3D Modelling Software When You Can Rent?

Autodesk’s Monthly, Quarterly & Annual Plans for CAD, Simulation & Visualisation Software

If you have a short term project like a Simulation Study or Cinematic Animation, an influx of work that requires additional staff, a startup business or division on a tight budget, a CAPEX limit or a work experience program for University students, whatever the reason is, if you need a 3D Modelling licence temporarily read on…

You can rent the following licences from your Autodesk Reseller:

Design Suites

Product,  Plant, Factory, Building, Infrastructure & AutoCAD Design Suites – These are tailored for specific industries with Software Titles for Concept, CAD Design, 3D Scanning, Visualization, Project Management, Simulation and more.

Sim 360 – Mechanical FEA for Non-Linear, Drop Test, Fatigue, Dynamic, Thermal & Buckling Stress Analysis with studies run in the cloud.

Sim 360 Pro – Additional FEA for structural and building analysis and CFD fluid flow analysis. You can also run studies on your local machine.

Sim 360 Moldflow – Plastic Injection Molding Analysis with local solve.

Mockup 360 – Cloud Based real-time collaboration & digital mockup tool.

Configurator 360 – Cloud Based Product Configurator to configure your products via the web or mobile app.

Entertainment Creation Suite – For Visualisation, Film & TV and Game Creation.

3ds Max – Anyone seen the movie Avatar? Then you have seen 3ds Max in action! 3D Modelling and animation software for Visualisation, Film & TV and Game Development.

Maya – The Life of Pi Movie used Maya, it’s 3D Animation Software for Visualisation, Animation and Game development too.

Maya LT – For Mobile Game Development.

There are standalone licences to be installed on one computer only, unless they’re cloud based and come with technical support too.

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