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Autodesk Revit 2021.1 Update is Out Now

The new update from Autodesk offers new enhancements in Revit, Dynamo for Revit 2.6 which includes additional nodes and new gen design studies. There has also been an added interoperability with Infraworks and FormIt Pro.

They have also reduced the number of steps to install and update Revit thus increasing the speed to install.

Dynamo 2.6 for RevitĀ 

Dynamo 2.6 has new features such as the Documentation Browser as well as improvred performance. New nodes have been added such as Path of travel, Generative Design and new platform categories across all disciplines have been included to automate design.

Generative Design Sample Studies

Grid, Stepped Grid and Randomise Object Placement sample studies have been included for users to create and validate room layouts design alternatives. A great post can be found here on the topic.

With COVID-19 and social distancing guidelines in place, generative design can be used for such applications.

Formit Converter

Using Formit for conceptual massing and design with complex geometry can easily be converted and imported in Revit with the new 2021.1 release for modelling early stages in design.


Import SAT, Rhino and Sketchup 202 files and export STL files natively from Revit which may assist in 3D printing and mesh workflows.

Improved Panel Schedules

See the properties of elements via the system browser within a working panel schedule.

Design Consulting Products and Services

Design Consulting offers a broad range of producst and servces for Revit users.

Design Consulting Revit Electrical Moving at the Speed of Business
CAD Software
IMAGINiT Clarity thumb 1 Moving at the Speed of Business
Revit Automation, Analytics and Accessibility
IMAGINiT Revit Utilities
Productivity tools for Revit