Autodesk BIM 360 Vs Construction Cloud

Autodesk construction cloud design build plan operate

Autodesk BIM 360 Vs Construction Cloud

With Autodesk’s new Construction Cloud platform with similarities to BIM 360 and new features, we thought we would write t his blog to go through the comparison between the two platforms.

Construction Cloud

Autodesk’s Construction Cloud platform integrates newly acquired technologies, PlanGrid, Assemble, Pype and Building Connected to bring even deeper end to end integration within their construction management portfolio.

Autodesk construction cloud design build plan operate

BIM 360 Design and Design Authoring Tools

Autodesk BIM 360 design and Revit synch to cloud

With already having industry leading BIM and CAD design authoring tools such as AutoCAD with specialised toolsets, Civil 3D, Plant 3D, Navisworks and Revit, Autodesk had integrated these tools with BIM 360 Design (or Docs) in their construction management platform to better collaborate with teams and external parties within the cloud by being able to publish files to BIM 360 in real-time.

With Xref management for AutoCAD and tight integration with Civil 3D and Plant 3D, BIM 360 Docs provided intelligent document control and reference management.

BIM 360 Document Control, Coordination, Operations and Facilities Management

Autodesk BIM 360 Docs Product Flat Workflow Document Distribution Flat

BIM 360 Docs was like the backbone offering tools for document control and design review and they had Autodesk Coordinate (aka Glue) for coordination, Build for field operations, commissioning or project closeout and Ops for facilities management. There was a couple other apps for project management and costing, however, in the Construction Cloud platform, these tools are much more comprehensive.

BIM 360 Docs Vs Autodesk Docs

The first product to compare is Autodesk Docs, which is only available in the Autodesk Architecture Engineering and Construction Collection.

This cloud application is very similar in feature and functionality to BIM 360 Docs with ISO 19650 compliant document control, RFI’s, submittals, issues, processes, design review, insight tools, etc.

BIM 360 Design Vs BIM Collaborate Pro

BIM 360 Coordinate Vs BIM Collaborate

BIM 360 Design has been replaced with BIM Collaborate Pro, offering real-time Revit collaboration and both products have ‘Docs’ included.

Both products have ‘Docs’ included and offer model coordination tools for clash detection

Construction Cloud

Where Autodesk Construction Cloud comes into it’s own is in:

  • Quantification / Takeoff
  • Bid Management 
  • Cost Management 
  • Building Connected
  • Integration to other systems

Quantity Takeoff

Autodesk Construction Cloud Takeoff is a 2D/3D quantity take off tool for estimators allowing you to use the connected model in Construction Cloud to integrate 2D and 3D Quantities and manage related documents in the cloud.

Autodesk Construction Cloud Takeoff

Bid Management

The Autodesk Construction Cloud offers centralised bid management on a single platform and ties into the Takeoff tools for estimators. Using the BuildingConnected network, owners, builders and sub-contractors can connect and can manage bid invites and use risk adjusted-bidding tools.

Autodesk Construction Cloud bid management

Cost Management 

Autodesk Construction Cloud configurable cost management module centralises all cost information, streamlines communications by managing all cost activities and forecasts.

Autodesk Construction Cloud Takeoff


The Autodesk Construction Cloud also offers over 200 integrations with the Autodesk Connect tool.

Autodesk Construction Cloud connect

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