LapCabby Lyte 20 Mobile Phone Single Door | 20-Device Wall or Desk Mounted USB Charging Cabinet up to 7" -Horizontal | LYTE20MPUSBSD


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The ‘Lyte 20 Mobile Phone Single Door’ charges 20 Devices up to 7" screen size including smartphones, mobile phones and handheld USB devices (including protective cases). The individual device compartments store devices horizontally within a compact footprint. The Lyte 20 MP is fast and efficient, delivering fast speed charging at the optimum rate, 2.1amps maximum per port. It never over charges as it detects when the device battery is full and provides trickle charge. The Lyte 20 MP is quivalent to 20 x 12W chargers, saving you space and power consumption, replacing extension cables and power sockets with one cable into the wall.

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Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 50 × 40 × 43 cm