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Leadtek NVIDIA WinFast GT 710 | 12767000120


Memory Type: 256Mx16 x 4
Cooling Solution: HEATSINK
CUDA Cores: 192
BUS: PCI-E 2.0
GPU Clock: 954 MHz
Memory Clock: 1600 MHz
Memory Interface: 64 bit
Memory Size/Type: 2G SDDR3
Output: Dual-link DVI/D-Sub/HDMI

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The Leadtek WinFast GT 710 graphic board is a Low Profile PCI Express form factor graphic add-in card based on the new NVIDIA GeForce GT 710 (GK208) GPU, and is targeted as the mainstream PC desktop graphic solution for PCI Express systems. The Leadtek WinFast GT 710 offers 1GB or 2GB SDDR3 memory in 64-bit configuration and supports DVI-D, HDMI, & optional VGA via header and cable.

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