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Photocentric Wash Unit 99L


Photocentric Wash Unit 99L
The Industrial Grade Washing Solution. Fast cleaning. Precise Results.
No matter the size or complex of geometry, Photocentric Wash removes all excess resin residue from your printed models in minutes.

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Maximum Part Size: 500 x 400 x 300 mm
Capacity: 99L
Prints per 99L of Cleaner: 300 print runs
Printer Compatibility: LC Pro, LC Magna
External Dimensions: 760 (H) x 650 (D) x 820 (W) mm
Internal Dimensions: 500 (H) x 400 (D) x 300 (W) mm
Suggested Operating Environment: 18-28 degrees celsius
Agitation Method: 30 x 40KHz transducers
Ultrasonic capabilities: Equipped with 30 x 40KHz transducers capable of 1500W maximum power
Weight: 95kg

Included Accessories:
Power cable
Instruction manual
Outflow valve
Outflow pipe

Can only be used with Photocentric Resin cleaner
Designed to work with full Photocentric material range except the flexible resin which can be cleaned with water.

Additional information

Weight 95 kg
Dimensions 76 × 65 × 82 cm



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