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Seagate EDS solution – 2U12 Hybrid – 10Gb iSCSI or 16GB FC -2.4TB Flash and 32TB HDD w Auto-Tiering & Snapshots


Maximize Capacity and Consistent High Performance
Deliver Versatile Architecture Built to Scale
Configuration includes :
D3835X000000DA – 3835,2RM,16GB,No drives,AC,V3 – x1
PFRUKTXHXE347-01 – DD,LV3,4TB,7K,12G,N-SAS,512N,BB,PKG – x8
PFRUKK13 – SFP+,10GigE 3.3V 850nm LC Mod,4pk – x1
PFRUKP39-01 – FRU,Bezel,2U,BB – x1
SW-BUNDLE- Bundle Software License – x1
All Seagate EDS solutions can be configured to suit your requirements – please ask the MMT team to arrange a configuration session with a Seagate specialist.

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Seagate Exos X 2U12 delivers advanced data protection, capacity, and performance at an entry-level cost.