Autodesk Inventor 2021.1 Update Out Now

Autodesk has just released Inventor 2021.1 with some exciting new features and enhancements from feedback provided by the Inventor community.

Middle Mouse Button

Can you believe it? It’s here, something so simple, giving such pleasure… you can now assign the middle mouse button to pan, rotate and zoom, independent of using the control or shift key.

Between Option and Keep Body Tool

You can now extrude between to faces and/or planes. The second option which used to be hidden in the advanced tab is Keep Tool body.

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XML Import and Export

Exporting usernames and values can be done via XML from the parameters dialog box, which is handy for iLogic users.

Multi-Open from Drawing Environment

The ability to multi-select parts, assemblies or presentations from the browser and open those files with a right click has been added which will all be opened in a separate window.

Right-Click > Align Section View

You can now align section views by right-clicking and choosing the command which is also available inside the Section View dialog box as a radio button.

Revit Interoperability

The support of choosing which Revit categories to import has now been added to the new Revit AnyCAD functionality in 2021.

Other enhancements have been with the progress bar will appear on the same monitor as Inventor and Revit files with non-ASCII characters will update properly. 

Frame Generator

There continues to be improvements to Frame Generator with two new options added in this release. The first one is the ability to know if files are being saved outside your project before saving and the second option is a full path being displayed before saving.

The trim/Extend tool select is now active after you clikc apply, commands such as Insert/Miter/Notch are disabled in Weldment sub-environments.

The tool tip and property panel text has been unified and the cut for end treatments is now correct as the G_L length is now calculated by the frame algorithm and not by start/end planes which caused incorrect lengths when frames were modified.

For the full ist of updates, please refer to the Autodesk Inventor help file.

Check out the what’s new video here:

Design Consulting Products and Services

Design Consulting offers a wide range of products and services for Inventor users such as:

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CAD Templates, Libraries and Setup
Autodesk training courses
Training and Mentoring
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Vault Deployments and Migration
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iLogic Design Automation
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Vault Deployments and Migration
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IMAGINIT CLARITY BIM 360 Moving at the Speed of Business

BIM 360 Integration

Many companies have to manually upload deliverables like PDF’s to BIM 360 in which they have to manually download projects locally, run export tasks and then upload the files to the correct folder,  which can all be automated with IMAGINiT Clarity.

Regular IT adminstration such as project back-ups and storing project data offline can be scheduled and snapshots of Revit projects to share in BIM 360 with other disciplines can also be automated.

New in 2021, Clarity can now migrate BIM 360 projects and show metrics.

If you need to migrate between hubs, the task can be automated through Clarity and any metrics from IMAGINiT Clarity can automatically be imported into the BIM 360 dashboard to be visible for all project stakeholders.