Autodesk Civil 3D Training Grading Course

Civil 3D Training Course. Get Autodesk Civil 3D Autodesk, Civil 3D Pipe Network Training Essentials Course and other Civil 3D training courses from Design Consulting.

Autodesk Civil 3D Training Grading Course

The Autodesk Civil 3D course focuses on Grading Plan design concepts for Civil Engineers.

Civil 3D Training Course Length: 8-Hours

8-Hours – 4 x 2-hour sessions
Remote training over MS Teams
Sessions are recorded and download links for each session are provide for future use
Training for up to 1-3 People
Sessions can start within 7 days upon ordering
Flexible sessions (i.e. consecutive or Monday, Wednesday, Friday, etc.)
Courses are private and topics can be customised to suit
Includes Certificate of Completion
Training manuals are additional $159 each for soft copy

Civil 3D Training Prerequisites:

Experience with AutoCAD® or AutoCAD-based products and a sound understanding and knowledge of civil engineering terminology.

Civil 3D Training Course Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Grading  

1 Overview
2 Tools in Autodesk Civil 3D
3 Settings and Defaults
4 Feature Line Styles
5 Grading Group Styles
6 Grading Criteria Sets
7 Surface Styles
8 Sites Overview
9 Autodesk Civil 3D Projects
10 Using Data Shortcuts for Project Management

Chapter 2: Parcel Grading  

1 Setting Parcel Line Elevations
2 Retaining Walls
3 Editing Surfaces
4 Feature Line Interactions with Parcel Lines

Chapter 3: Building Pad Design  

1 Feature Lines Overview
2 Create Feature Lines from Objects
3 Grading Creation Tools
4 Editing the Grading
5 Grading Volume Tools

Chapter 4: Parking Lot Design  

1 Draw Feature Lines
2 Create a Temporary Surface
3 Edit Feature Line Geometry
4 Copy or Move Feature Lines from One Site to Another
5 Create a Transitional Grading Group
6 Create a Grading Surface
7 Add Feature Lines to a Grading Surface

Chapter 5: Parking Lot Option  

1 Assembly Overview
2 Modifying Assemblies
3 Creating a Corridor
4 Corridor Properties
5 Corridor Editing
6 Reversing Feature Lines
7 Corridor Surfaces

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Chapter 6: Pond Design  

1 Feature Line Review
2 Edit Elevations
3 Create Feature Lines from Corridors
4 Edit Geometry
5 Creating Complex Grading Groups
6 Pond Staging Volumes

Chapter 7: Combining Surfaces  

1 Autodesk Civil 3D Projects
2 Sharing Data
3 Data Shortcuts

Chapter 8: Using InfraWorks for Visualisation  

1 Building Information Modeling
2 Overview of the Interface
3 Creating an InfraWorks Model
4 Connect to Data Sources
5 Configure and Display Data Sources
6 Share Design Elements with Autodesk Civil 3D
7 Create Water Features in a Model
8 Create City Furniture in a Model
9 Add Vegetation to a Model

Appendix A: Grading with Corridor Models  

1 Corridor Baselines
2 Profiles
3 Create Grading Assemblies
4 Creating Complex Corridors
5 Modify Corridor Grading