Design Consulting specialises in consulting, deploying and administering ISO 19650 compliant Common Data Environments for BIM projects.
With the experience of delivering CDE’s, there is a number of system configuration, IT infrastructure and collaboration options available.   


A Design Consulting Common Data Environment,  suited for Revit projects, is an Autodesk based CDE with Vault at the core, BIM 360 and IMAGINiT Clarity.

The CDE has a secure data management system to archive project data, manage ISO compliant folder structures, standards and lifecycles, collaboration with internal/external stakeholders with the added benefit of automated operations and analytics to provide BIM managers with insights into project health, performance and usage.

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CDE Benefits

The unique solution offers the following benefits:

  • ISO compliance
  • Data Management and Control
  • Audit Trail
  • Secure Access
  • Archiving
  • Lifecycle Management 
  • Suitability Management 
  • Collaboration
  • Automation
  • Project and User Analytics

Having an ISO compliant Common Data Environment means that your company and projects are following leading best practices for BIM which offers project efficiency and profitability.

Following compliance standards gives an audit trail tracking change management and disputes. Furthermore, auditing capabilties extend to contractual compliance to audit BIM models, confirming that BIM execution plans and guidelines are being met.

Secure access protects IP and assures only the right people are accessing project data, deliverables and lifecycle visibility. Project lifecylces enforces compliances, manages approvals and stores version and revisions history. By implementing ISO compliant lifecylces, gives the ability to store and create suitability snapshots while the project continues on in the ‘Work in Progress’ phase, providing disciplines the latest revision.

Centralised project collaboration on designs, with model and drawing comparison, tracking comments and mark-ups, raising RFI’s and issues, has everyone on the same page with a single source of truth.

Automated systems extracts vital information from the model, exports deliverables (PDF, DWG, IFC, etc.), latest Schedules for bill of quantities and datasheets for facilities management.

Finally, reporting on project health, performance and usage, give management insight into behaviours, employee productivity and highlights potential issues giving BIM managers the opportunity to proactively respond before it becomes a problem.

Once deployed, Design Consulting will continue to support the CDE, providing ongoing support, administration, 


There a number of variations to implement the CDE and here are some popular choices:


The CDE can be cloud based, with all server and collaboration systems hosted in the cloud. This type of infrastructure is flexible and allows access anywhere/anytime.

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Local Server and Cloud

Server based systems can be local and collaboration in the cloud. This is more of a traditional approach to infrastructure of the common data environment with company data sitting behind the firewall and only released project data and optionally WIP project data in the cloud.

Design Consulting Local and Cloud CDE Moving at the Speed of Business


All systems are local and there is no cloud collaboration. Worksharing is over the network and project data is shared by other means. This option limits external collaboration and there is a disconnect with data with the core data management system, which may lead to external file duplication and potential challenges with change management.

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Private Cloud

All systems are in a private cloud using Revit Server and Clarity Security module instead of BIM 360. While this provides a secure environment, collaboration with external stakeholders is limited and Revit Server is a legacy system.

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Choosing the Right CDE

With various options and then company standards and objectives, choosing the right infrastructure for your CDE should be carefully considered taking into account standards, security, collaboration and scalability.

Design Consulting have the system integration, understanding of ISO 19650, knowledge in BIM to deploy your CDE.   

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