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Design Consulting documents phased technology roadmaps for clients. Typically, clients invest in CAD software and use it for basic features and do not get the full productivity and profitability benefits of using advanced features, adding additional technology and connect it to existing or new business systems.

Implementing a new CAD system will give you productivity and profitability benefits if implemented correctly, however, when implemented in a holistic manner, massive gains are realised and businesses are transformed in every department it connects to which leads to greater customer satisfaction too.

If you want to get the most out of your technology investment and unsure how to or what is possible for your business, then take a look at getting a DC Technology Roadmap to align with your business plan.

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Phased Approach

With a technology roadmap, you can phase your technology, skill sets and capabilities in to build up use to an advanced level.

Every roadmap is different from industry to industry and every company has different goals and budgets so we tailor the roadmap to suit requirements and phase out the roll out of technology, setup, training, additional systems and systems integration.

Systems Deployment

Systems deployment with CAD environments starts with implementing base CAD or core CAD applications (e.g. AutoCAD, Inventor, Revit, Civil 3D), setting up templates and design standards. 

Once base applications are integrated, extending the use of the applications advanced functionality is the next step (through existing modules or plug-ins) and then automating design tasks and 2D drafting.

Using additional applications (if required) for further specialised functionality (e.g. structural, mechanical) and ancillary uses (e.g. coordination, visualisation, simulation, analysis, etc.)

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Training Program

Design Consulting map out a structured, tailored training program on getting users from beginner to advanced and provide ongoing technical support, mentoring and contractor services for minimal downtime.


Data Management & Collaboration Systems

Connecting Data Management and Collaboration systems to CAD to control data, workflows, provide compliance, audit trails and be able to collaborate with internal and external stakeholders, saves time and money by keeping on top of status and change management.


Systems Integration

Existing or new systems shoud be integrated with CAD systems and data to reduce duplication and disconnects between systems and data inputs which leads to loss time, mistakes and ultimately affect your bottom line.

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