Autodesk InfraWorks: Engineering Design Training

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The course is designed to teach you the fundamentals of using Infraworks for the design of roads, bridges and drainage systems. 

Course Length: 2 Days

Training Guide Contents

Chapter 1: Creating Component Roads

  • 1 Parcels, Right of Ways, and Easements
  • 2 Creating Component Roads
  • 3 Modifying Horizontal Layouts
  • 4 Modifying Vertical Layouts
  • 5 Component Road Superelevation
  • 6 Working with Intersections
  • 7 Roundabouts

Chapter 2: Analyzing Component Roads

  • 1 Traffic Simulation
  • 2 Calculating Quantities
  • 3 Corridor Optimization
  • 4 Balance Cut and Fill Along the Roadway
  • 5 Sight Distance Analysis

Chapter 3: Introduction to Bridge Design

  • 1 Bridge Components
  • 2 Modify Bridges
  • 3 Bridge Line Girder Analysis
  • 4 Detail Design for Bridges

Choosing the Right CDE

With various options and then company standards and objectives, choosing the right infrastructure for your CDE should be carefully considered taking into account standards, security, collaboration and scalability.

Design Consulting have the system integration, understanding of ISO 19650, knowledge in BIM to deploy your CDE.   

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Chapter 4: Introduction to Drainage Design

  • 1 Watershed Analysis
  • 2 Create and Modify Culverts
  • 3 Pavement Drainage

Chapter 5: Point Cloud Modeling

  • 1 Point Cloud Preparation
  • 2 Extract a Point Cloud Terrain
  • 3 Extract Point Cloud Features