Introduction to AutoCAD Plant 3D Training

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Introduction to AutoCAD Plant 3D Training

This specialised AutoCAD training course on Plant 3D, will teach you how to use, AutoCAD P&ID, AutoCAD Plant 3D and Autodesk Navisworks products to design plant equipment, P&ID and model coordination. 

Course Length: 5 Days

Prerequisites: Autodesk Inventor introduction to solid modelling or equivalent.

Training Guide Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to AutoCAD Plant 3D

  • Lesson: Working in a Project
  • Lesson: Opening a Drawing
  • Lesson: Exploring the User Interface
  • Lesson: Managing Layers and Colors

Chapter 2: AutoCAD P&ID

  • Lesson: Creating and Adding Existing Drawings
  • Lesson: Equipment and Nozzles
  • Lesson: Piping
  • Lesson: Instruments and Instrument Lines
  • Lesson: Tagging Concepts
  • Lesson: Annotation Concepts
  • Lesson: Editing Techniques
  • Lesson: Data Manager and Reports
  • Lesson: Custom One-off Symbols
  • Lesson: Offpage Connections
  • Lesson: Generating Reports

Chapter 3: AutoCAD Plant 3D – Imperial

  • Lesson: Creating Project Folders and Drawings
  • Lesson: Steel Modeling and Editing
  • Lesson: Equipment Modeling and Editing
  • Lesson: Piping Basics
  • Lesson: Piping Editing and Advanced Topics
  • Lesson: Working with P&ID Data in Plant 3D
  • Lesson: Creating and Annotating Orthographic Views
  • Lesson: Creating Isometric Drawings

Chapter 4: Autodesk Navisworks

  • Lesson: File Handling
  • Lesson: Basic Navigation and Walkthrough
  • Lesson: Clash Detection
  • Lesson: Highlights of Scheduling and Rendering

Chapter 5: Setting Up and Administering a Plant Project

  • Lesson: Overview of Project Setup
  • Lesson: Overview of Project Structure and Files
  • Lesson: Setting Up Larger Projects
  • Lesson: Defining New Objects and Properties
  • Lesson: Customizing Data Manager
  • Lesson: Creating and Editing Drawing Templates and Data Attributes
  • Lesson: Specs and Catalogs
  • Lesson: Isometric Setup
  • Lesson: Troubleshooting
  • Lesson: Creating and Managing Report Configurations
  • Lesson: Setting Up SQL Express for AutoCAD Plant 3D

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