Autodesk Inventor: Advanced Assembly Modeling Training

Autodesk Inventor Professional 3D mechanical CAD software

Autodesk Inventor: Advanced Assembly Modeling Training

Based on assembly and multi-body part modelling, this course covers advanced and productivity topics such as constraints, iMates, iAssemblies, top-down design methodology, design accelerator, weldments and more.

Course Length: 24 Hours – 6 x 4 Hour Sessions

Training Guide Contents

Chapter 1: Working Effectively with Assemblies

  • General Assembly Tips
  • Relationship Tips
  • Motion Constraints
  • Transitional Constraints

Chapter 2: Introduction to Top-Down Design

  • Top-Down Design Process
  • Top-Down Design Tools

Chapter 3: Derived Components

  • Derived Components
  • Modify Derived Components

Chapter 4: Multi-Body Part Modelling

  • Multi-Body Part Modelling

Chapter 5: Layout Design

  • Layout Design

Chapter 6: Associative Links and Adaptive Parts

  • Associative Links
  • Adaptive Assembly Parts

Chapter 7: iMates

  • iMates

Chapter 8: Positional Representations

  • Introduction to Positional Representations
  • Create and Edit Positional Representations
  • Use Positional Representations

Chapter 9: Model Simplification

  • Shrinkwrap
  • Assembly Simplification

Chapter 10: Level of Detail Representations

  • Level of Detail Representations
  • System-Defined Level of Detail Representations
  • User-Defined Level of Detail Representations
  • Using Level of Detail Representations
  • Substitute Level of Detail Representations
  • LOD Productivity Tools

Chapter 11: Design Accelerator

  • Design Accelerator
  • Generators
  • Calculators
  • Engineer’s Handbook

Chapter 12: Advanced File Management

  • Design Assistant
  • Pack and Go
  • Purging Old Files

Chapter 13: Inventor Studio

  • Rendering
  • Animation
  • Video Producer
  • Creating a Standard Room

Chapter 14: iAssemblies

  • Introduction
  • Create Basic iAssemblies
  • Create Multi-Level iAssemblies
  • Create iAssemblies Using Existing Assemblies
  • Place iAssemblies
  • Edit iAssemblies

Chapter 15: Frame Generator

  • Frame Generator
  • Structural Shape Author

Chapter 16: Assembly Duplication Options

  • Pattern Components
  • Mirror Components
  • Copy Components

Chapter 17: Working with Weldments

  • Working with Weldments
  • Fillet Welds
  • Cosmetic Welds
  • Groove Welds

Appendix A: Working with Spreadsheets and Parameters

  • Spreadsheet-Driven Parameters
  • Custom Parameters
  • Custom Parameter Formatting and Expressions

Appendix B: Autodesk Inventor Certification Exam Objectives

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