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Autodesk Alias is a Tech software for Industrial surfaces and automotive.


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Concept communication, conceptual modelling, technological surfacing, reverse engineering, real-time design visualisation, and engineering development collaboration are all supported by Alias® industrial design tools. Alias® Concept, Alias® Surface, and Alias® AutoStudio software are all available.

  • Alias streamline processes with a single design pipeline.
  • Using automated workflows, you can make better design decisions faster.

  • With Alias Assemblies and Shotgun, you can facilitate collaboration.


Concept Design and Fast Concept Modelling

  • Sketching and illustration tools -With integrated software, you can draw and edit. Predictive strokes are used to capture curves, circles, and ellipses.
  • Product modelling that is adaptable – Curve-based modelling tools allow you to edit and sculpt 3D models quickly and consistently.
  • Overview of fast concept modelling – From outline to final concept model, step through a fast concept model workflow.
  • Photoshop live link – Alias links all our photoshop sketches.In Alias, changes to sketches are dynamically updated.
  • Dynamic Shape  modelling – Without having to reconstruct geometry, quickly manipulate your product model and explore shape variations on 3d objects.
  • 3D Sculpting – Surfaces can be sculpted in 3D by changing the surface control vertices directly. Make use of curve-based tools, direct modelling, and other techniques.

Detailed Design and Surface Analysis

  • Deck seam – The Stitch and Seam tool now includes a deck seam 
  • Precise surface creation – Make use of software that assist you in creating mathematical shapes. Revolve tool allows you to control pitch, and plenty of other things.
  • Multi blend tool – Smoothly transition from one surface to another. 
  • Reflections and light ray effects – With the Light Tunnel tool, you can study your surfaces in a virtual lighting studio.
  • Computational design – Allow for rapid design iterations and experimentation by quickly generating complex repeatable patterns.
  • Form arrays that are generated automatically – Using arrays, create uniform and nonuniform artefacts. Create 2D and 3D arrays of lines and surfaces.

Surface Modeling and Class-A Surfacing

  • New tools on subdivision modelling – Alias has combined adaptive subdivision’s advantages with native NURBS surface technology.
  • Global refit – Reconstruct your digital model to correspond to the new physical model.
  • Mesh tool enhance the surface
  • Precision surface modelling
  • Surface creation and editing.
  • Predictive control.
  • Multi curve profile input.
  • Intelligent form factor capability.
  • Mesh selection techniques.
  • Offset tool.

Design communication and product visualization

  • Author options for the file should be saved.
  • Using an environment variable, disable the share view option.
  • Alias includes Virtual reality.
  • Real-time visualisations can be used to evaluate design choices. Apply shading models, colour, and texture, among other things.
  • Share industrial design data with Inventor, CATIA, and SOLIDWORKS, as well as other mechanical design and CAD software.
  • Alias files can be quickly converted to VRED software for 3D visualisation.
  • Adjust the shading assignments.


Buy Alias on an Annual Subscription or 3 Year Subscription. 


$ 19,481 3 Year Subscription
  • Discounted
  • Price locked in for 3 Years
  • Includes updates and support


Compare Alias Editions

Annual Subscription

Fast Concept Modelling

Mesh-like modelling for 3D sculpting

Concept exploration

Controlled lines for concept design

Non-destructive detailing

Detailed Design

Computational design with Dynamo

Stitches and seams

Surface chain select tool

Automatic arrays of shapes

Mathematically precise surface creation

Flip view across x-axis

Freeform curve blend tool

Surface Modelling and Class-A Surfacing

Precision surface modelling

Scan data workflows

Multiblend tool

Multicurve profile input

Surface Analysis

Light ray effects and reflections

Shading in clay

Isophotes for surface flow

Surface evaluation

Alias Auto Studio

Alia Surface

Alias Concept




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