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Fabrication ESTmep™, CADmep™ and CAMduct™ software provide an integrated set of tools for MEP speciality contractors to estimate, detail and drive fabrication of mechanical building systems.


Fabrication ESTmep™, CADmep™ and CAMduct™ software is a set of integrated tool for MEP estimators, engineers, designers and fabricators that works with Revit to connect MEP fabrication software to BIM.

  • Estimate more accurately and faster with manufacturer-specific content.

  • Design with more detail and accuracy

  • Connect to machines and create flat patterns

ESTMep, CADmep and CAMduct Overview


Gain insight into project costs with cost analysis and reporting and generate competitive bids.


Create fabrication-intent models of piping, plumbing and ductwork systems.


Produce sheet metal components and control the manufacturing production line.


ESTmep Features

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BIM and CAD import for bid generation

Extend design intent models from Revit and AutoCAD software into Fabrication ESTmep for more accurate, competitive bids.

Value engineering option tools

Show clients multiple service pricing options.

Accelerate underlay trace takeoff

Create more competitive bids quicker with design line.

Color-coded cost tool

Visualize job cost and cost analysis by color.

Manufacturer content database

Select from thousands of manufacturers’ items and pattern templates, including 54 imperial ranges, with real-world pricing and cost data for accurate estimating and analysis. Built-in Harrison codes and pricing.

Enhanced database export/import

Single-command database export and import, with optional insulation specifications and sections.

Iterative value engineering tools

Perform value engineering on services more efficiently, and produce several cost/benefit options for your clients.

Project tracking tools

Record all Adds and Omits on a job to support traceability and promote accountability for changes. Analyze this data to make comparisons against the original estimate.

Cost analysis, reporting, and estimating

Get accurate and clear information about model items, like ducts and pipes, and export data to inform effective cost analysis and estimating.

CADmep Features

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Detailed 3D modeling

Create fabrication-ready models of piping, plumbing, and ductwork systems.

Specification content modeling

Draw with real components and connections from thousands of manufacturer content items and pattern templates.

Extend design intent models

Easily import data from Revit and AutoCAD to lengthen the lifecycle of design models and help reduce model redundancy.

3D spooling capabilities

Create detailed fabrication shop spool sheets and bill of materials (BOM).

Service validation, clash detection

More effectively identify and resolve service issues before fabrication.

Costing and reporting

Quickly and easily obtain accurate information about model items and export data for better decision making.

CAMduct Features

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Sheet metal component library

Use an expansive specification-driven database of parametric components for detailing sheet metal.

Sheet metal component library

Use an expansive specification-driven database of parametric components for detailing sheet metal.

Material-specific nesting parameters

Set nesting parameters for different materials, such as insulation, ductboard, and sheet metal, to help avoid nesting the job multiple times.

Bar coding and QR coding

Add data-rich bar codes and QR codes to labels and worksheets.

Simple graphical interface

An easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) allows both novice and experienced software users to enter job data and edits.

Advanced job costing tools

Estimate jobs based on a variety of project factors to better understand the bottom line.

NC writing and machine support

With post processors built in to support a variety of machine types, CAMduct helps control your production line of any size.

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Annual Subscription

Annual Subscription

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