InfraWorks® conceptual design software lets architecture, engineering and construction professionals model, analyse and visualise infrastructure design concepts within the context of the built and natural environment – improving decision making and accelerating project approvals.

InfraWorks conceptual design software lets architecture, engineering and construction professionals model, analyse and visualise infrastructure design concepts within the context of the built and natural environment – improving decision making and accelerating project approvals.


Autodesk InfraWorks is Infrastructure design software that lets architecture, civil engineering and construction professionals model, analyse and visualise infrastructure design concepts within the context of the built and natural environment – improving decision making and accelerating project approvals with traffic and mobility simulation and context modeling. 

Create a real-world context model

  • Aggregate large amounts of data to generate a rich context model.
  • Seamlessly integrate design with geospatial GIS data.
  • Model existing conditions that represent the built and natural environment.

Optimise designs and communicate with immersive visualisations

  • Visually explore conceptual design options in context.
  • Use analysis and simulation tools to explore important aspects of your project.
  • Generate compelling and immersive visual experiences to communicate design intent.


Theme Palettes

Visually classify assets according to attributes.

Cross-section views

Assess superelevation, road assembly, and cut-and-fill engineering details of your road design in cross-section form.

Component roads

Design roads with curbs, lanes, shoulders. Create parametric models in Inventor and add them to the component road design.

Roadside grading

Vary the slopes and the materials applied to different sections of roadside grading.

Roundabout design

Easily convert an intersection into a roundabout style.

Component-based bridge design

Edit bridge decks and girders independently of other bridge components.


See what’s new in Autodesk InfraWorks

Full span complex 3D girders

Create complex 3D models of full span bridge girders that meet your project requirements and LOD.

Active linear road decorations

Apply or edit decorations to component roads without model regeneration to speed design processes. 

Model Builder UI enhancements

Streamlined interface for more consistent user experience across tools.


Autodesk InfraWorks Features

Autodesk Connector for ArcGIS

Add ArcGIS content to InfraWorks models, create custom stylization, and use field applications.

View projects in context

View projects in context of existing conditions.

Generate features from point clouds

Generate features from point clouds

Extract linear features from point clouds. Export linear features, vertical features, and ground grid to Civil 3D.

Model existing environment

Create a large-scale model by aggregating existing data including 2D CAD, GIS, raster, and 3D models.

Generate terrain from point clouds

Generate terrain from point clouds

Build data into your model terrain.

Automated data import and model creation

Create base models from GIS, Raster, DGN, and SketchUp.


InfraWorks features

Flood simulation

Flood Simulation

Analyze flooding projects based on multiple inflow locations and water elevation changes over time.

2D distance and slope

Measure the distance (horizontal and vertical) and slope between two points in a model.

Traffic simulation

Analyze traffic flow, display traffic analysis results, and generate traffic simulation animations.

Material quantities

Calculate earthwork quantities on multiple selected roads, a station range, area of interest parcel, or right of way.

Mobility simulation

Create animated simulations of transit, parking, personal, and/or taxi-mode modeling. 

Bridge line girder analysis

Perform a detailed analysis in the cloud.


InfraWorks features

Photorealistic visuals

Create realistic images and videos that helps improve understanding of how your project will perform. 

Storyboarding and animations

Create presentations that include snapshot views, animations, perspective views, and fly-throughs.


See all InfraWorks features

Refined bridge analysis

Take bridge design beyond preliminary stages with grillage and finite element analysis.

Native LAS/LAZ format support

Import both LAS and LAZ point cloud data formats natively into InfraWorks.

Connector for ArcGIS

Select specific attributes when exporting a file geodatabase and publishing information to ArcGIS Online.

Model Builder UI

Model Builder

Experience a more cohesive Model Builder user interface with InfraWorks (2020.2) and later versions.

Road cross-section view

You can make better design decisions, thanks to the ability to view distinct surface layers in a cross section, such as soil layers.

Terrain contour views

Terrain Contour Views

Control terrain contours presentations through enhanced view settings.

Point clouds

Point Clouds

Use photos to assist you when modeling features based on point cloud data.

Precision edits for profiles

Precision Edits

Modify geometric values of a selected vertical curve in the Curve Properties panel in profile view.

Home page UI enhancements


Quickly access data with a centralized home page UI that is easier to use and incorporates BIM 360 projects.

Increased cross frame LOD

Reduce time needed to model complex components with automatic modeling of cross frames and diaphragms.

Bridge design

Rapidly develop multiple design options with powerful parametric modeling and automated documentation.

Support for complex bridges

New bridge bearings feature with customizable parametric capability supports complex bridge types.

Extend schema transfer between features

Extended Schema

Add new types of features to your model and additional properties onto existing features for more aggregated models with deeper metadata.

Delayed model regeneration

Delayed Regeneration

Speed up editing workflows by delaying automatic model regeneration for road centerline modification.

Parametric tunnels

Tunnel Design

Model and design parametric tunnels in the context of your overall infrastructure design project.



Calculate underground infrastructure quantities by depth.

Terrain enhancements


Create separate terrain surfaces and multiple types of subsurface layers, such as rock and subsoil, to use as a basis for design.

4K view

2021 Splash Screen After Moving at the Speed of Business

Use high DPI scaling optimized for 4K viewing of the InfraWorks interface.

Component road enhancements

Effectively validate corridor parameters and adjust lane component styles to meet design standards.

Corridor modeling

Use the power and precision of Civil 3D for corridor models in Infraworks.

Road grading cut/fill material

Control the color of cut and fill areas in a road design to visibly show changes to terrain by a road. 

Profile view

Profile View

Explore the new dynamic capabilities to edit and revise the components of your profile.

Shared views

Infraworks Viewer

Share asset properties and bookmarked web views of your models to enhance collaboration.

Road layout

Road Layout

Choose between element-based or PI-based layout for more flexibility in how you design roads.

Easy management of models

Model Management

Seamlessly manage models in InfraWorks Home. View model states in context. Open, duplicate, store, or remove local models.

Model Builder CS update

Model Builder

Select projected coordinate systems in InfraWorks models to be used in cross-product workflows.


Use InfraWorks with other Autodesk software.

InfraWorks + Civil 3D + ReCap Pro + more

Establish existing site conditions and extract linear features to accelerate design 

InfraWorks + Civil 3D + ReCap Pro + more

Generate a real-world context model that can be used in detailed design

InfraWorks + Civil 3D + Revit

Integrated bridge analysis and design


See how people are using InfraWorks

The Brazilian Army gives the 100-year-old underground sewage network in Rio de Janeiro’s Military District a much-needed face lift.
OBG-Ramboll turned to the integration of BIM and GIS along with tools like Revit and InfraWorks to improve outcomes in a superfund site project.
A novel approach made it possible to design and construct the complex geometry behind Africa's longest and tallest cable-stayed bridge.
Rich InfraWorks models enable Cardno to generate immersive visualizations that help stakeholders better understand the impact of their projects.
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