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Cloud based 3D CAD/CAM software for PC and Mac.


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Autodesk Fusion 360 is a cloud based CAD/CAM that runs on PC and Mac for product design and manufcaturing applications.

  • Solid and Surface modelling.

  • Hybrid parametric direct editing

  • 5-axis CAM

  • MCAD and ECAD

  • FEA Simulation


Check out what Fusion 360 can do

CAD design tools for solid modelling, parametric, direct editing, sheet metal, B-rep surfacing, freeform (NURBS with T-Splines) and mesh.

Integrated 2.5 to 5 axis CAM tools with post processing and simulation. Tools for milling, turning, probing, roughing, finishing, swarf, multi-axis contour and CNC machines with rotary axis, water and laser jets.

Local and cloud photo rendering, animations and documentation tools with bill of materials.

Integrated ECAD PCB design and documentation tools with content library to insert components.

Advanced simulation tools for linear and non-linear static loads, thermal, modal frequencies, buckling, events, shape optimisation and generative design.

Collaborate in real-time by sharing designs, posting comments, review, inspect and mark-up models and drawings.

Exceptional Value

Compare buying Fusion 360 to Inventor LT and AutoCAD LT.


$ 1,595 3 Year Subscription
  • Discounted
  • Price locked in for 3 Years
  • Includes updates and support


Compare Fusion 360 to Inventor LT and AutoCAD LT.

  • Fusion 360
  • Inventor LT
  • AutoCAD LT
Fusion 360Inventor LTAutoCAD LT
/year Ex. GST
/year Ex. GST
/year Ex. GST
2D Design
2D design functionality in AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT
2D Drafting
Place design views on a drawing template and create fabrication drawings with dimensions, annotations, tables, etc.
2D Sketching
2D parametric sketching tools for 3D modelling
Parametric Part Modelling
B-REP surfacing, solid body and multi-body part modelling
Direct Edit Modelling
Direct editing (push-pull) part modelling environment
Surface Modelling
B-Rep and NURBS with T-Splines part modelling environment
Parametric Assembly Modelling
Place multiple parts in an assembly file and use constraints and joints to assemble
Sheet Metal Modelling
Tools for sheet metal design, flat patterns and 2D symbols and annotations
PCB design and library
Local Rendering
Ray-trace rendering on your PC
Cloud Rendering
Off load rendering jobs to the Autodesk cloud rendering service
Point Clouds
Import point clouds via Recap
Bill of Materials
Create bills of materials and tabvles from parts and assemblies
Technical Documentation
Create animations and technical views such as exploded views
Associative import of CAD parts and assembly files
Application Programming Interface (API)
Install plug-ins, create plug-ins, macros and run Dynamo scripts
Linear FEA
Linear and Dynamic FEA simulation studies
Non-Linear FEA
FEA tools in Inventor Nastran
Features found in Inventor CAM and HSMWorks
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