Autodesk Inventor: Customising the Content Center Training

This training course is focused on customising the content centre library and materials in Autodesk Inventor Professional.

Course Length: 1 Day

Prerequisites: Autodesk Inventor introduction to solid modelling or equivalent.

Training Guide Contents

Chapter 1 – Introduction

  • Go over what content centre is, and how to use it
  • Show the purpose
  • Show the different standards
  • Show how many different predefined families exist by default

Chapter 2 – Creating a Library

  • Creating a Read-Write Library in a Project
  • Understand how to create a company specific read-write library to copy or publish files to.
  • Utilize project settings for adding/removing libraries when needed for custom library population

Chapter 3 – Content Centre Editor

  • Using Content Centre Editor o Utilize the Content Centre Editor to review different libraries and how to copy families from one library to another.
  • Understand the difference between linking vs. independent families
  • Become familiar with family tables and how to manipulate and add column properties to build specific descriptions and map them to specific properties.

Chapter 4 – Material Guide

  • Using the Material Guide
  • Understand how to use the material guide to create new families from a different family and change the material of the new family at the same time.
  • Identify that new materials can also be added or removed from an existing family using the material guide

Chapter 5 – Publishing Parts

  • How to publish custom parts o Show how to publish a single part into a family
  • Show how to set up an ipart and publish the ipart to create a database family

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