Autodesk Inventor: iLogic Training

This course will teach you the fundamentals in Inventor Professional design automation using the simplified programming iLogic model to automate almost anything in Inventor.

Course Length: 10 Hours (2 x 5 Hour Sessions)

Prerequisites: Autodesk Inventor introduction to solid modelling or equivalent.

Training Guide Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to iLogic

  • Design Automation Overview
  • iLogic Overview
  • iLogic Workflow

Chapter 2: Understanding Parameters and Equations

  • Equations
  • Parameters

Chapter 3: Getting Started with iLogic

  • iLogic Interface
  • Function Overview
  • Rule Creation Workflow

Chapter 4: Rule Creation

  • Conditional Statements
  • Operators
  • Parameter Functions
  • Feature Functions
  • iProperty Functions

Chapter 5: Assembly Rules and Functions

  • Assembly Rules
  • Component Functions
  • Relationship Functions
  • iLogic Components in Inventor Assemblies

Chapter 6: Drawing Rules and Functions

  • Drawing Rules
  • Sheet Functions
  • Title Block Functions
  • View Functions
  • Advanced Functions

Chapter 7: Rule Triggering and Form Creation

  • Event Triggers
  • iTriggers
  • Forms

 Chapter 8: Miscellaneous Features and Functions

  • Rule Options
  • Search and Replace
  • Wizards
  • Miscellaneous Functions

Chapter 9: Project Practices

  • Introduction to Projects

Appendix A: iLogic Design Copy

  • iLogic Design Copy

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