Autodesk Advance Steel Drawing Template Setup


Advance Steel Drawing Template Setup is a customised drawing template for your business.

Autodesk Advance Steel Template Setup

An Advance Steel steel drawing template typically entails the following:

  • A pre-configured set of drawing settings, such as the drawing scale, drawing units, lineweights, and text style.
  • A pre-defined title block that contains the information about the drawing.
  • A library of parts and connections that can be used to create the drawing.
  • A set of macros that can be used to automate tasks, such as adding dimensions and labels.

The following are some of the objects that you may want to setup on your drawing:

  • Drawing scale: The drawing scale determines the size of the objects in the drawing.
  • Drawing units: The drawing units determine the units that are used in the drawing.
  • Lineweights: The lineweights control the thickness of the lines in the drawing.
  • Text style: The text style controls the appearance of the text in the drawing.
  • Title block: The title block contains the information about the drawing

Benefits of Using an Advance Steel Steel Drawing Template

There are many benefits to using an Advance Steel steel drawing template, including:

  • Saves time: Templates can save time by automating many of the tasks involved in creating drawings.
  • Improves accuracy: Templates can help to improve accuracy by ensuring that drawings are created consistently.
  • Increases productivity: Templates can help to increase productivity by making it easier to create drawings.
  • Provides consistency: Templates can help to provide consistency in the appearance and content of drawings.


The Advance Steel Drawing Template is a customised template service and limited to a standard template configuration. Additional costs apply for larger or more complex templates.

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