Dynamo for Revit Fundamentals Training


Launching Dynamo and User Interface, Nodes, Wires and The Browser, Data Input, Output and Null Actions, Math, Logic, Strings and Parameter Editing, Computational Design & Geometry, Lists & Functions, Overview

  • 8-Hours – 4 x 2-hour sessions
  • Remote training over MS Teams
  • Sessions are recorded and download links for each session are provide for future use
  • Training for up to 1-3 People
  • Sessions can start within 7 days upon ordering
  • Flexible sessions (i.e. consecutive or Monday, Wednesday, Friday, etc.)
  • Courses are private and topics can be customised to suit
  • Includes Certificate of Completion
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One on One Flexible MS Teams Recorded

Dynamo for Revit Fundamentals Training

This course is for students who want to learn visual programming for Autodesk Revit where you will learn how to re-organise the Revit API in order to create custom commands and overrides, automate tasks and run scripts to provide you with valuable project information for analysis or scheduling.

Length: 8-Hours (4 x 2-Hours)


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