Unlimited Email Marketing Monthly Subscription

Original price was: $30.00.Current price is: $20.00.


  • Unlimited users, contacts, emails and email lists
  • Email Marketing Drag and Drop Template Builder
  • Mailing Lists
  • Email Marketing Campaign
  • Import Emails or Sync with the Contacts List
  • Stats – Sent, Received, Open, Clicked, Bounced and Ignored
  • Mass Mailing Reporting
  • 20GB Storage


Odoo Email Marketing Software

Forget about other email marketing tools with conditions! Subscribe to Odoo Email Marketing App and get affordable Unlimited Email Marketing Software with the following features:

  • Unlimited users, contacts, emails and email lists
  • Email Marketing Drag and Drop Template Builder
  • Mailing Lists
  • Email Marketing Campaign
  • Import Emails or Sync with the Contacts List
  • Stats – Sent, Received, Open, Clicked, Bounced and Ignored
  • Mass Mailing Reporting

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Pay for the 1st month and then pay per month on a recurring basis and cancel anytime. You can also save $5 per month and pay by direct debit or card with an annual option.

We also offer the flexibility to subscribe to monthly and then upgrade to Annual at a later date.

Bounce Rates

Odoo Email Marketing Monthly Hosting subscription is based on maintaining a bounce rate below 2% and the ability for users being able to unsubscribe. Anyone not adhering to these guidelines will have their Subscription cancelled without notice.

There are many online email verification sites that are free and paid that validate your lists prior to sending such as Bouncer

Odoo Email Marketing Software Inclusions/Exclusions

Odoo Email Marketing Platforms include:

  • Email Marketing and Contacts modules
  • Unlimited users, contacts and emails
  • Mail Server
  • 20GB Data

This is an out of the box supplied environment and excludes the configuration and customisation of settings, apps/modules, training, support, and website domain.

Need more than Email Marketing Software?

Odoo Monthly Hosting Odoo Apps

You’ve got an email marketing tool but interested in an all-in-one management system? Click here to learn more about unleashing the full list of Odoo Apps.

Odoo hosted environment includes the following Community Edition apps below. Click here for the latest app list:

  • Contacts for Individuals and Companies
  • CRM (aka Pipeline or Opportunity Management)
  • Sales (aka Quotes) – Send quotes by PDF or customers buy order online
  • Products and Product Variants
  • Point of Sale
  • Customer Portal
  • Website
  • e-Commerce
  • Blog
  • Live Chat
  • Project Management
  • Invoicing
  • Purchase
  • Expenses
  • Maintenance
  • eLearning
  • Notes
  • Calendar
  • Events
  • Manufacturing
  • Employees
  • Recruitment
  • Time Off
  • Fleet
  • Attendance
  • Skills Management
  • Surveys
  • Timesheet
  • To-Do

DC Custom Odoo Apps

Design Consulting has also built the following apps. If you are interested in having these custom apps, please let us know and we can add them free of charge:

Sales App (aka Quote Module)

  • Software Contract Pro Rata Calculator – Add the reference, start and end date and Odoo will work out the reduce price for the Contract
  • Sections – Split your quote into Sections with Section Names to make it easier to read and understand a complex quote with many products and line items.
  • Unique Part Numbers – Enforce a unique part numbering system with no duplicates for your products
  • Assign Resource for Product – You may different resources for the identical product that has a varied rate. Simply add the product, assign the resource, and Odoo will work out the buy price and margin.
  • Cost Adjustment – A products cost can be adjusted by percentage or value and Odoo shows the adjustment in the quotes back-end and recalculates the cost and margin.
  • Multiple Costs – A product may have various buy prices based on a condition. Simply check the box and the higher or lower buy price is displayed and the cost and margin is recalculated.

CRM (Aka Pipeline or Opportunity module)

  • Assign Primary Quote – You can have multiple quotes linked to an Opportunity and if a quote is checked as the primary, that quotes amount and profit margin will display in the opportunity.
  • Split Commission Calculator – Odoo can work out the commission of the margin or revenue of an opportunity based on a set of rules.
  • Auto change the Opportunity Type/Sub-Category on Close based on line items in Quote
  • Send email if Opportunity has been Won. Once the Stage = Accepted or Closed, Accounts, the Salesperson and any one else that requires the notification will receive an email with a link to the opportunity and a pdf of the Quote.

Online Quote

  • Interactive Online Quote – Create a quote, send the customer the online link and they can review the quote with a thumbnail image of the product, product name and description, add/remove line items on the quote, adjust quantity (if unlocked) add options, order, sign, add PO document and PO reference number and pay online, by direct debit or payment terms.

Service Costs

  • Users can have an hourly service rate and assign time against an account and Odoo will put a cost against that account so you can track how much profit was made on sales to the account minus the cost incurred to service or support that account.

Odoo Marketplace App Store

The App Store has many free and paid apps that other developers have created that may be more suited to your business and industry that can be installed upon request.

Website Domains

If you have an existing website domain and want to use Odoo as your website, please let us know and we will connect your website URL to Odoo.

Isn’t Odoo Hosting Free?

Odoo hosting is free for Community Edition if you install it on your own environment, however, if you don’t have the expertise or infrastructure, we can host it for you and you can access Odoo anywhere, anytime.

Odoo Software and Odoo Pricing

Odoo pricing for the software itself, can vary for free for Community Edition to paid by user plans for Enterprise.


Upon ordering, Design Consulting will contact you to confirm and get details such as company details, preferred sub-domain name or URL ( with DNS settings) and email settings for Mail Server (if required) and typically setup your environment within 48-hours upon receiving all the required information.

Need Something Else?

Contact us if you would like to discuss hosting your Odoo or Odoo setup, training, support or additional storage and resource options for more users.

Design Consulting supply fixed cost setup or pay as you go options.

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