Vault Professional Cloud 2024 Additional User


Additional User for Autodesk Vault Professional Cloud 2024. Can only be purchased with Autodesk Vault Professional Cloud 2024.

Pay by the month hosting on a 12 month contract

  • Pay by the month on a 12-month contract
  • Buy 1st month online and direct debit for the following months
  • Fixed cost – No ongoing down/upload charges

Vault Basic Cloud 2024 Includes:

  • Includes access for 1x User
  • Additional Users $49 each per month
  • Default Configuration
  • User Training
  • IT and Vault Administration
  • Technical Support
  • Authorised users can connect to Vault from anywhere with an internet connection
  • 1TB Storage – 500GB Storage + 500GB Back-up
  • Additional 500GB Storage & Backup $25 per month


  • Vault Professional Single-User Annual Subscription (per user)
  • Vault Office Single-User Annual Subscription (per user)
Technical Support. Autodesk Vault Cloud administration and support Autodesk training courses
Cloud 1TB Admin Training


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Vault Professional Cloud: The Cloud-Based Data Management Solution for Small Businesses

Vault Professional Cloud is a cloud-based data management solution that helps small businesses manage their product data management projects and provides a central repository for storing, organising, and sharing product data and provides a variety of tools to automate design processes and manage product data.

Autodesk Vault is the perfect data management system for Inventor Professional, AutoCAD, AutoCAD Electrical, AutoCAD Electrical Mechanical, Factory Design Utilities and other AutoCAD based software.



  • 1TB of data storage: 1TB (500/500) of data/back-up storage for your product data and is sufficient for most small businesses.
  • Copy design: The copy design feature allows users to create a copy of a design without creating a new revision. This can be useful for creating a new design based on an existing design, or for creating a backup of a design.


Benefits of Using Vault Professional

  • Improved data management: Improve your data management by providing a central repository for storing, organising, and sharing product data.
  • Automated design processes: Automate your design processes by providing tools such as the job processor and copy design feature.
  • Improved product quality: Help you improve your product quality by providing tools such as automatic numbering schemes and automated revision control.
  • Version Control: Check-in/check-out feature creates versions and gives users the ability to roll back to another version.
  • Concurrent Design: Multiple users can work on the same assembly at the same time without overwriting other users changes.
  • Revision Schemes: Automatically create revisions when drawings are released and populate drawings with correct revision.
  • Lifecycle Management: Change management workflow system to track the process and status of projects data.
  • Automatic Numbering Schemes: Automatically create part numbers based on configured scheme.


Compare Vault Cloud Products

Feature Vault Basic Vault Professional Vault Professional w. JP Pro
Check in/out
Copy Design
Revision Control
Automatic Numbering Schemes
Engineering Change Orders
BOM Management
Custom Processes
https/ssl (access via internet)
Sync to BIM 360 / Fusion
Free Thin Client
Vault Office Support
AutoCAD LT Support

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