Autodesk Revit: Family Creation for Structure Training

In this course on Autodesk Revit, you will be taught how to create custom walls and floor types, component family’s based on a parametric framework, family geometry and type creation and modification and specialised structural families such as gusset, plates, built-up columns, tapered concrete columns, truss’ and tapered moment frames.

Course Length: 1 Day

Prerequisites: Experience in Autodesk Revit fundamentals

Training Guide Contents

Chapter 1: Custom System Families

  • Creating Wall, and Floor Types
  • Vertically Compound Walls
  • Stacked and Embedded Walls

Chapter 2: Component Family Concepts 

  • Creating Component Families
  • Creating the Parametric Framework
  • Creating Family Elements
  • Creating Family Types

Chapter 3: Advanced Family Techniques

  • Additional Tools for Families
  • Visibility Display Settings

Chapter 4: Additional Family Types 

  • Creating 2D Families
  • Creating Line-based Families
  • Creating In-Place Families
  • Working with Shared Parameters

Chapter 5: Creating Structural Specific Families 

  • Parametric Gusset Plate
  • In-Place Column Stiffeners
  • In-Place Slab Depression
  • Built-Up Column
  • Tapered Concrete Column
  • Truss Family
  • Precast Hollow Core Slab
  • Tapered Moment Frame

Appendix B: Autodesk Revit Certification Exam Objectives

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