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3devo Filament Makers, Shredders and Polymer Dryers

Recycle, Shred Plastics and Manufacture 3D Printer Filament
SHR3D IT Plastic Recycler
Industrial grade plastic shredder and granulator for 3D printing filament.
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Precision 3D Printing Filament Maker
Industry leading filament maker with fast extrusion pseeds and steady filament flow.
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Composer 3D Printing Filament Maker
Mix multiple materials at high temperatures.
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Arid Polymer Dryer
Eliminate moisture within polymers
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3devo have a complete range of machines to recycle and shred plastic materials to manufacture filament for FDM 3D Printers.

Filament Makers

Precision and Composer

The Composer and Precision filament makers break new ground in the development, production and recycling of 3D printing materials. Find out more.

Recycle Plastic


Industrial grade, super compact plastic recycling machine to create your own plastic granules.

Polymer Dryers


Eliminate moisture within a polymer evenly across all surface areas.

Explore the Range of 3devo products

3devo Precision Filament maker
3devo SHR3D IT Plastic Shredder
3devo Composer Filament maker
3devo AIRID Polymer Maker

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Precision and Composer Series

3devo Precision and Composer 350 Series

Industrial Grade Filament Makers


The Composer and Precision Series filament makers are specialized, result-oriented machines with industrial quality power. Making materials simpler than ever to work with, while offering even more possibilities in manufacturing and innovation.

Easy, Accessible and Automated

The unique vertical extrusion setup in the filament makers ensures precise roundness and accurately guides the filament to the spool.

A dual air cooling system, with adjustable fan speeds and positions, ensures optimal cooling settings for the materials you work with.

A sophisticated optical sensor and a dynamic puller system work together to achieve a diameter precision tolerance of +/- 0.05mm*.

*(to get the exact diameter tolerance tuning might be needed depending on material type)

Unlimited filament, neatly spooled

Thanks to its swappable spool mount, the filament makers support diverse spool sizes and quick spool changes.

Set your custom spool dimensions to get a neatly rolled spool of filament.

Adjust the built-in slipper clutch to get the right amount of tension in your filament spool.

A Complete Filament Production Line

Everything you need to create your own 3D printing filament.

  • Panel
  • Hopper
  • Extruder
  • Shredder
  • Sensor
  • Positioner
  • Winder

Control Panel

Display Interface

  • Easily accessible settings
  • Convenient standard material pre-sets
  • Customizable material profiles for perfect results


  • Simple USB connectivity with your computer/laptop
  • Regular firmware updates and instant access to new features


  • Optical sensor to check material level
  • Removable tube; multiple sizes supported
  • Built-in safety grille


  • 4 heating zones, reaching temperatures up to 450°C
  • Nitride hardened steel extruder screw
  • Swappable extruder design
  • Optional mixing section (Composer Series)
  • Replaceable extruder nozzle

Cooling System

  • Dual fan system for even air distribution
  • Adjustable fan angles for optimal air flow
  • Customizable, material-specific fan speeds

Sensor + Puller System

Optical sensor

  • Accurate diameter measurement between 0.5mm and 3.0mm; 43 micron precision
  • One nozzle for all filament diameters
  • Ideal sensor placement to ensure filament roundness

Puller system

  • Automatic speed adjustment for accurate diameter control
  • Changeable puller wheels to suit material temperature variations

Filament Positioner

Set your own spool sizes, and with auto spooling let the system to the work. The filament maker will neatly position itself to get a nice looking spool that wont tangle.

  • Adjustable positioner, with a max spool width of: 120mm
  • Automatic spooling to user-defined size
  • Retractable arm for neat, even winding of all spool sizes

Spool Winder

  • Fit spools with a max Diameter: 240mm, And a max width of: 120mm
  • User-friendly slipper clutch for spool tension adjustments
  • Swappable spool mount for quick changing between spools


Precision 350
Composer 350

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If you would to discuss the 3devo Filament Makers, please contact us by calling on 1800 490 514, by filling out the form or clicking the live chat in the bottom right-hand corner.



3devo SHR3D IT

Recycle and Shred Plastics into granules to make filament


3devo SHR3D IT Shredder is a high-performance addition to your industrial setup – power through your day with a wider range of applications with our shredder. Combining the capabilities of an industrial grade shredder and a granulator.

Effortless recycling

SHR3D IT has the twin capabilities of a shredder and a granulator, together processing as much as 5.1 kg of material per hour*. Convert old plastics into high-quality 3D printing granules of any desired size in just 1 run. Designed for effortless operation, SHR3D IT features accessible compartments that facilitate cleaning, material changing, and filter screen replacement for custom grain sizes.

* Achieved with PLA Filament 2.85mm

Super Compact Plastic Processer

Offering industrial grade performance. The power to create your own plastic granulate. Now at your fingertips.

  • Motor
  • Access
  • Hopper
  • Shredder
  • Granulator
  • Container

Granulate Container


  • Replaceable filter screen for desired hole size
  • Easy and safe access to granulate



  • Easily accessible compartments for cleaning shredder and granulator
  • Replaceable filter screen for desired hole size
  • Replaceable knives


  • Ensures safe continuous input of plastic into the shredder
  • Prevents plastic scraps from escaping the shredder
  • Easy to remove and clean


  • High carbon, high chromium and air hardened steel
  • 6 blades
  • 9 RPM
  • Replaceable blades
  • Easy access to clean
  • Reversible rotation


  • High carbon, high chromium and air hardened steel
  • 3 knives
  • 900 RPM
  • Replaceable knives
  • Easy access to clean

Granulate Container

  • Replaceable filter screen for desired hole size
  • Easy and safe access to granulate

A Sustainable Future

Given the state of our planet and its finite resources, recycling and reusing what we have is the only way ahead.

SHR3D IT is a good step in this direction. Through this desktop plastic processor, we hope to encourage widespread reuse of old plastics, thereby promoting sustainable and environment-friendly practices.

To this end, we’ve equipped SHR3D IT with the ability to deliver high-speed and high-quality results at low energy consumption.

It thus finds a wide range of applications, from a home-based learning tool to a high-performance addition for an industrial setup.

Technical Specifications



Granulate Diameter




Hardening Treatment





5.1 kg polymers / hour (2.85 PLA)

9 rpm reversible shredder & 900 rpm granulator

2 – 4 mm

3 mm switchable granulator filter

3 granulator knives

6 reversible shredder blades

High carbon and chromium air hardened steel

260 (H) x 550 (W) x 310 (D) mm (Excluding Hopper)

1000 W


50-60 Hz


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If you would to discuss the 3devo SHR3D IT Shredder, please contact us by calling on 1800 490 514, by filling out the form or clicking the live chat in the bottom right-hand corner.