What’s New in 3ds Max 2022

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What's New in 3ds Max 2022

The focus on the new 3ds Max 2022 has been in the following areas: workflows, texturing, rendering and security.

Smart Extrude

The edit Poly modifier now includes Smart Extrude which allows you to extrude with fewer constraints. The adition of the Cut Through command offers further functionality to when Smart Extrude was released in 2021.1

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Slice Modifier

The performance of the Slice Modifier has been improved in 2022 with new modelling features based on customer feedback:

  • Capping – cap open holes
  • Multi-Axis Cutting – X, Y and/or Z aligned planar slice
  • Radial Slice – User defined min/max angles
  • Alignment options – align the cutting gizmo to faces or other references.


2022 generates new smoothing data faster and is applicable to Mesh, Poly, Spline or in other modifiers such as Chamfer, Smooth, Edit Mesh, Edit Poly, ProOptimize and other modifiers.

Symmerty Modifier

New features and enhancements produce faster results with more user interactivity:

  • Multi-axis Symmetry – Planar symmetry on X, Y and/or Z
  • Radial Symmetry – Quickly duplicate and repeat geometry around the gizmo
  • Alignment – Reference a face or another object in the scene.
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Relax Modifier

The volume preserve option reduces small detail and noise from models while maintaining the shape and overall definition and especially useful in scan or sculpt data.


  • Auto-tx – automates texture files to .tx at render 
  • New Images tab in the Arnold RenderView to apply, remove, re-order or edit to post-process without additional render time.
  • Light Mixer – Edit the contribution of each light group AOV’s during and after rendering
  • Bloom has been addedd to the Lens Effect
  • Noice and OptiX Denoiser are now possible during post-processing.


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Full-screen, borderless window from any floating viewport. When using presentation mode, all gizmos are hidden.

Bake to Texture

Simplified inteface offers easier navigation and selection of baked map types.

It also includes utility maps such as rounded corners and MAterial ID maps, making in a few clicks what was complex.

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The safe scene script protects against malware in 3ds scenes.

The Malware Removal tool detects and removes scripts that are malicious.

For more information, check out the public roadmap of 3ds Max which can be found here

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