Vault Workgroup End of Life – What it means to you?

Vault Workgroup - product end of life discontinued after july 6, 2023
Vault Workgroup - product end of life discontinued after july 6, 2023

Vault Workgroup to be Discontinued

Autodesk has announced on the 2nd of May, 2022, that Vault Workgroup will become an end of life product. The key dates are purchase of a new Vault Workgroup Subscription or 3-Year renewal is before 6th of July, 2022 and the last annual renewal is 6th of July, 2023. 

In a strategy to consolidate their product stack, they felt Vault Basic, which is free and Vault Professional were the choices moving forward.

In the 10+ years of supplying Vault, Vault Workgroup was the least deployed system of the three in my experience and many chose it for revision control if not needing all the additional features of Vault Professional and lower cost, so it was no surprise this change happened.

Vault Workgroup Users - What Does it Mean for You?

To maintain the use of Vault, companies with a Vault environment will need to migrate their server and clients to Vault Professional before their Vault Workgroup Subscription expires, which is 6th of July, 2023 or their contract renewal date, whichever comes first. 

As of 6th of July, 2022, Autodesk will provide access to Vault Workgroup and Vault Professional so you can plan your migration, however, if you need to add new users/seats after 6th of July, 2022, and have not purchased additional seats prior, you may be forced to rush the migration sooner rather than later to give these new users access to Vault.

After the last cut-off date, you will need to have your Vault migrated to Pro and have renewed on a Vault Professional Subscription before your Subscription expires to maintain access to your Vault Server and data.

Vault Workgroup discontinued - migrate to Vault Professional

Vault Professional Features

Vault Professional offers the following over Workgroup:

  • Active Directory Integration
  • Incremental back-up
  • Model States
  • Duplicate Search
  • Unlimited Thin Client – Free access for view, print and download
  • Mobile App for users assigned a Vault Professional seat 
  • ECO/ECR – Change Orders
  • BOM Management (Item Master)
  • Custom Objects – Create custom modules, workflows, forms, etc.
  • Multi-Site Replication
  • Integration for Revit, Inventor-Revit interoperability, AutoCAD Electrical and Factory Design Utilities
  • Support for LT Products
  • Support for Fusion 360 and Autodesk Construction Cloud to sync data
  • Support for Fusion Manage
Autodesk Vault Professional enterprise data management revison control, lifecycles, bom management

Migrating to Vault Professional

While you wouldn’t need to do any additional configuration (unless you wanted to take advantage of the additional features), there are some points to consider for planning the upgrade:

  • When is your Subscription Renewal date?
  • Are you planning to add more users to Vault?
  • What release (e.g. 2021) are you on?
  • Will you also be migrating your Vault to a future release?
  • How much time do you usually need to plan for the migration (Server requirements, IT, budgetary approval, current projects, network deployments, etc.)?

There are also the standard Vault migration system and environment checks that also go along with migrating a Vault environment. Check out this link to our best practices blog. 

Design Consulting Vault Products and Services

Design Consulting has in-depth experience in Autodesk Vault.

We offer the following products and services:

  • JP-Pro – An advanced Job processor for Vault
  • Visio/AutoCAD Electrical plug-in for Vault
  • Advanced file filtering and batch plotting/printing plug-in for Vault
  • Vault system deployments
  • Vault release migrations 
  • On-prem to Cloud migration
  • Training and Configuration
  • Vault Managed Services
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