Design Automation Improves Efficiency and Workflows at Melbourne Furniture Manufacturer Jardan


Design Automation Improves Efficiency and Workflows at Melbourne Furniture Manufacturer Jardan

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With local manufacturing booming, Melbourne-based furniture maker Jardan was heavily reliant on manual, file-based workflows. Read on to see how Jardan worked with Design Consulting to transform its operations with and be at the forefront of manufacturing automation.

With rising sales thanks to its local manufacturing and delivery capability, the team at Jardan was looking to further improve data management efficiency to automate its furniture design and production.

Challenges with Processes and Compliance

Jardan has always been a premium furniture manufacturer, however manual processes and disconnected workflows often resulted in duplication of work and wasted production time.

And in manufacturing, design delays can have a flow on impact on orders, production, and deliveries.

Adding to Jardan’s challenges was compliance and security. If multiple staff wanted to access the same dataset there was limited security or access control structure opening the possibility of files being modified without an audit or revision trail.

The company was ready to transform with digital.

Better Data Management a Clear Goal

A reliance on file-based workflows called for a better approach to structure and automate Jardan’s design assets.

Windows Explorer offered little in the way of automation and the team knew they had to do things a different way.

By adopting a product data management solution Jardan could achieve its goal of a more streamlined manufacturing process and make day-to-day workflow a lot easier.

Julian Tsakirakis, head of research and development for timber furniture at Jardan, said the plan was to take more advantage of Autodesk products in an automated and consistent way so the team can focus on the furniture designs.

From Digital Prototyping to Manufacturing Automation

As an Autodesk customer Jardan has been digital prototyping for some time and uses the Vault Pro product data management solution to extend automation throughout the business.

The company worked with Autodesk partner Design Consulting to implement its custom automation tools for data management and job processing alongside Vault Pro.

Design Consulting also deployed JP-Pro for advanced job processing automation and WhereUse Pro app to automate file filtering and batch plotting. This makes image processing on multi-page documents less manual and time-consuming.

WhereUsed Pro also saves hundreds of hours in change management, batch printing and file publishing when they are sent to machines for furniture manufacturing.

“With Autodesk and Design Consulting we have saved days’ worth of work so we can focus on designing,” Tsakirakis said.

This transformation established a new era in operational efficiency at Jardan.

Faster Production for Business Growth

With the help of Design Consulting, Jardan is now at the forefront of manufacturing automation and staff are less burdened by manual file handling.

This new level of efficiency enables faster product development and more creativity. The business also benefits with improved security and compliance.

“Design Consulting’s apps were tailored to our workflow and delivered instant time saving. The investment was worth it,” Tsakirakis said.

Adding automation to manual workflows has delivered instant results for Jardan. By making use of Autodesk and partner add-ons the company has saved time and money and reduced its exposure to errors.

Jardan is now better positioned to innovate in style. Download the full case study here.

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