Autodesk Fusion 360: Essentials for Existing 3D CAD Users Training

Fusion 360 - Manufacturing Extension - Individual Access Commercial New Single-user Annual Subscription


Designed for users that are experienced in 3D CAD software, particularly mechanical or surfacing. This course will teach users the fundamentals of Fusion 360 user interface, design concepts and drawing, so you can quickly get started.

Course Length: 1 Day

Prerequisites: Previous experience in using 3D modelling software.

Training Guide Contents

Create an account if not already created (The process)

  • Create accounts for all users in the workshop if not already done
  • User Name
  • Password
  • Account GUI

Understanding GUI and navigation

  • Graphical Interface
  • How to Pan, Zoom, Orbit
  • How to select things
  • Application bar
  • Tool bar
  • Data panel
  • Browser
  • Marking menu

Create a project and folders

  • Create the Workshop Project
  • “Basic Fusion 360 Workflow”
  • Create two folders
  • “Download”
  • “Design”

Download files provided for the workshop

  • Download part files to the Design folder, that will be used in the design later
  • Parts and Names still to be decided

Create a Base Feature and two secondary features for one part

  • Save the initial file in the Design folder
  • Create a design with the base feature, a join feature and a subtract feature
  • Create a “Base” Box Feature
  • Provide Dimensions

Create additional features/ solids for creating as a part files

  • Create some additional features for a second part
  • Create a Sketch Feature to Revolve with a Cut
  • Create a Projected Feature using an Offset to Extrude with an Intersect
  • Create a second solid from multiple features
  • Create the second solid into a saved part file
  • Show the difference between the first solid and the new part from the second solid


Add Constraints to the parts

  • Show how joints work with the parts to assemble them together, animate to show function
  • Add joints to constraint the part and the solid together
  • Edit the joint limits
  • Animate to show the limits
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Add a downloaded part to the file

  • Add one of the downloaded parts to the file to be constraint
  • Add joints to constraint the new part to the assembly

Patterns at sketch, feature and part level

  • Open a file to pattern a sketch
  • Undo the pattern and extrude the sketch profile
  • Pattern the feature
  • Bring in second part
  • Pattern the Part to the Pattern Feature

Add an assembly to another assembly

  • Start a new Assembly
  • Insert downloaded part and Ground it
  • Add a downloaded assembly as a sub-assembly
  • Constraint the sub-assembly to the grounded part file
  • Copy the sub-assembly two more times and constraint to the grounded part in other locations

How to apply materials and appearances

  • Add Material to parts
  • Add appearances to faces and features
  • How to create custom materials and appearances
  • How to save variations of materials to show on the part

Insert 3D Geometry and Graphics:

  • 3D geometry
  • Decals
  • Attached Canvas

How to Inspect:

  • Measure
  • Interference analysis
  • Zebra analysis
  • Draft analysis
  • Component Color cycling


How to setup a library of parts

  • Add the part file used for the pattern and place in a Library folder for future use.
  • Replace the part file in the assembly with the part file now in the library.

Drawings and Annotation

  • Create a drawing from an open assembly
  • Annotate with title block, notes and dimensions
  • Create another drawing and drop a base view of an unopened part file

How to remove data

  • How to delete files and folders from a project How to archive a project