CADmep Fundamentals is for HVAC, piping and plumbing engineers and designers who want to learn the basics of Fabrication CADmep for design, drafting and reporting.

Course Length: 24-Hours

Training Guide Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Autodesk Fabrication CADmep

  • Support Resources for Fabrication CADmep
  • Overview of Fabrication Products
  • BIM and Fabrication
  • Overview of the MEP Fabrication Industry
  • Definitions

Chapter 2: Deployment

  • Installing Fabrication CADmep
  • Check for and Install Latest Service Packs
  • Setting up a Shared Database and File Structure
  • Migrating an Older Database
  • Configuring User Names and Permissions

Chapter 3: User Interface

  • The Service Pallet
  • Create a New Section
  • The CADmep Toolbar
  • Right-Click Shortcut Menus

Chapter 4: Sections

  • Sections
  • Create a New Section
  • Make a Section Current
  • Understanding How Sections Control Hanger Rod Lengths

Chapter 5: Drawing with the Attacher

  • Setting the Systems and Service and setting the Section
  • Placing Items from the Service Pallet
  • Understanding the Attacher Arrow
  • Modifying Placed Items
  • Rotating Items about the Attacher Arrow
  • Using Fix Relative
  • Placing an Item using Fix Relative
  • Placing an Item by Rotating the Attacher Arrow
  • Using Takeoff as Cut-In
  • Using Drop Into Fall
  • Fill Between 2 Ends
  • Fill with Flex
  • Polyline 3D Fill
  • Match Object Properties
  • Configuring the Multiple Item Properties Command
  • Using the Multiple Item Properties Command
  • Carry Over Options Settings
  • Filter Selection

Chapter 6: Drawing with Design Line

  • Set the Design Line Entry Method for Services
  • Fabrication CADmep Design Tools: The Design Line Toolbar
  • The Design Line Takeoff Menu
  • Using Design Line for an HVAC System
  • Understanding How Design Line Works
  • Stretching a Design Line
  • Using Design Line for a Plumbing System
  • Selecting and Activating Design Lines
  • The RevDesign Command
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Chapter 7: Clash Detection

  • RunTime Collision Detection
  • Using the Collision Detection Viewer
  • Design Line Collision Checks
  • Using the DETECT Command

Chapter 8: Importing Revit Content into CADmep

  • Exporting Revit Elements
  • Import into CADmep

Chapter 9: Drawing Annotation

  • Drawing Annotation Settings and Toolbar
  • Understanding the Text Utilities Commands
  • Item Number Tag Leaders

Chapter 10: Reporting

  • The ADDREPORT Command
  • Item Reports and Item Report Builder
  • Printing Item Report With and Without Previews
  • Worksheets and Item Worksheet Builder
  • Printing Worksheets With and Without Previews

Chapter 11: Sectional Views

  • Create a Sectional View

Chapter 12: Point Data

  • Exporting Point Data
  • Viewing Point Data
  • Updating the Model with Modified Point Data
  • Exporting Point Data to Excel

Chapter 13: Spooling

  • Define a Pipe Spool
  • Create a Spool Drawing
  • Understand Spool Colors

Chapter 14: Exporting to ESTMEP AND CAMDUCT

  • Re-numbering Fabrication CADmep Items
  • Exporting to Fabrication CAMduct

Chapter 15: Fabrication CADmep Customization

  • Edit a Configuration
  • Service Setup
  • The Hanger Command
  • Sub Assembly
  • Item Creation
  • Convert 3D Model