Autodesk Electrical Training Course and Consulting – Advanced Template Setup and Customisation


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AutoCAD Electrical Toolset. AutoCAD Electrical Training Course. AutoCAD Electrical Setup and Customisation. AutoCAD Electrical is a CAD software specifically designed for electrical engineers. It offers a wide range of features that can help electrical engineers to improve their productivity, automate their workflows, and create more accurate electrical drawings. PDF Logo small Moving at the Speed of Business

Autodesk Electrical Training Course: Advanced Training and Consulting – Template Setup and Customisation

The AutoCAD Electrical templates and setup covers working with you to setup and customise AutoCAD Electrical:

  • General Installation and Setup
  • Project Setup, Administration and Customisation
  • Databases & Library Components Setup, Administration and Customisation
  • Convert existing blocks to AutoCAD Electrical
  • Drawing Template Customisation
  • Attributes Setup and Customisation

Building upon the AutoCAD Electrical Training Course: Fundamentals, this advanced training course and consulting will equip you with the skills to setup, customise and adminster AutoCAD Electrical projects.

Length: 16-Hours

  • 8-Hours – 8 x 2-hour sessions
  • Remote training over MS Teams
  • Sessions are recorded and download links for each session are provide for future use
  • Training for up to 1-3 People
  • Sessions can start within 7 days upon ordering
  • Flexible sessions (i.e. consecutive or Monday, Wednesday, Friday, etc.)

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