Autodesk Buys A Lot and Employees Sell A Lot

Acquisitions and Insider Share Trading are High at Autodesk.

As Autodesk are named one of Fortune 100’s best companies to work for, so why is the CEO and 7 other employees selling so many shares? With the Shareholder’s of Delcam approving the Autodesk acquisition, there’s a lot of money being exchanged, so let’s take a look at the activity in the last year.


Here’s the list of Autodesk’s 9 acquisitions since January, 2013. As you can see they’ve been busy with the chequebook.

Acquisition timetable

New Product Releases

In the last 12 months they have released 13 new products:

New Product release timetable

Share Prices

While this was all happening, they were posting healthy profits as their shares rose to $51 after hitting lows around July of $32. It’s currently sitting around $53.

Autodesk Share Prices

Insider Selling

The most insider selling has happened in the last 30 days. There’s been almost a million shares sold by employees of Autodesk, with the biggest selling coming from CEO, Carl Bass selling around $33 million between January 2-6th. In the last year, there have been over 2.2 million shares sold and zero purchased by insiders.

Name Title Trade Date Shares Sold Rule 10b5-1 Current Ownership Decrease In Ownership
Carl Bass CEO Jan 2-6 817,500 Yes 372,808 shares + 94,111 options 63.6%
Lorrie Norrington Director Jan 2 6,734 No 17,200 shares 28.1%
Steven Blum SVP Dec 31 45,000 Yes 90,517 shares + 15,000 options 29.9%
Kris Halvorsen Director Dec 17-24 30,000 No 22,562 shares + 10,000 options 48.0%
Pascal Di Fronzo SVP Dec 24 45,000 No 34,385 shares + 33,239 options 40.0%
Mark Hawkins CFO Dec 20 13,750 Yes 62,136 shares + 11,468 options 15.7%
Steven West Director Dec 19 20,000 No 24,905 shares 44.5%
Crawford Beveridge Director Dec 16 7,000 Yes 37,473 shares + 10,000 options 12.9%

Source: Seeking Alpha

With no inside buying happening either, what does one make of this activity? I’m no financial expert, nor a financial anything when it comes to the stock market, to me it looks like buying companies would raise the stock prices and with Santa Clause usually coming to Wall Street after Christmas and staying until the first couple days of January, it may have been a good time to sell and maybe one of the reasons it’s a great place to work.