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Autodesk Vault Mobile App

Autodesk set to release mobile app for Vault

With the push towards cloud computing, connectivity and collaboration, Autodesk Vault has largely remained a local network environment data management system. It had recently added project sync where Vault data could be synchronised with BIM 360 or Fusion 360 Teams cloud systems, however, lacked it’s own mobile application.

They recently announced a webinar on August 25, where they will be showcasing the new mobile app for Autodesk Vault.

Vault in the Cloud

Autodesk Vault can also be hosted in the cloud. If you’re interested in running Vault in the cloud, Design Consulting offers cloud hosting and system deployments for Vault.

Vault Utilities

If you need additional adminstration features or want more productivity out of Vault, take a look at IMAGINiT Utilities for Vault.

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SeeControl – The no coding IoT Platform

Autodesk has released their new IoT app which was acquired mid-2015. With products evolving to more more complex and connected, manufacturers are under pressure to provide instant information which also opens exciting opportunities for innovation, new markets and providing a unique customer experience. Autodesk SeeControl is an IoT app that connects your products to the cloud, so it can give…


Redstack Launches the Pegasus UAV

Redstack has launched the Pegasus UAV for the Australian market. Based on a DJI S900, this professional grade customised UAV took flight yesterday and impressed us all. The Pegasus is ultra portable, made of lightweight materials and has a Hex V motor configuration, providing a flight time of 18 minutes (@1200mAh & 6.8Kg Take-Off Weight). It weighs in at 3.3 kilograms…


What is #TheFutureofMakingThings ?

Autodesk has launched The Future of Making Things. A vision of how they see future human and business interaction with technology when it comes to engineering, design, analysis and collaboration. At the Autodesk University Keynote address in December, 2014,  Jeff Kowalski, Autodesk SVP and Chief Technology Officer, discussed how Autodesk is looking at technology and design through the lens of…


Autodesk Inventor 2016 – Alpha

I just logged into Autodesk Beta and checked out the new enhancements and downloaded Alpha. If you thought 2015 was a kick-ass release, from what I’m seeing in the Autodesk Inventor 2016 Alpha… Wow! As I’m binded by confidentiality, I can’t say anything specific except that they are doing some great work over at Autodesk with the help of the…


Autodesk Releases Advance Steel for Structural Detailing

Parametric Connections, NC File Support, Revit & Robot Structures Interoperability plus more. Built on the familar AutoCAD, Autodesk Advanced Steel brings a lot of features and functionality missing in Autodesk’s portfolio of design products. Anyone who had experience with AutoCAD Structural detailing knew of it’s limitations, so to have this product released is a step in the right direction. When you…


Mockup 360 Now in Product Design Suite 2015

Open Collaboration Services Added to the Suite’s Subscription Services. If real-time open collaboration (regardless of CAD tool), large scale 3D visualisation, clash detection analysis and project management ticks boxes as benefits in your design workflows, then take a look at Mockup 360. Product Design Suite Services are cloud based services such as Autodesk 360 (Document Hosting, Sharing, Editing & Collaboration), Optimisation Studies for Inventor…


Autodesk Inventor 2015 – Sheet Metal Enhancements

With sheet metal design being an integral part of many Inventor customers, the new features and enhancements are always taken with great interest, so here’s a video I put together: So What’s New in Sheet Metal for Inventor 2015 Rename End Of Part (EOP) to End Of Folded (EOF) for sheet metal parts Enhanced orientation control in…


What’s New in Autodesk Inventor 2015

Hybrid Parametric Direct Editing, N.U.R.B.S with T-Splines and more… Inventor 2015 is one of the best releases yet, unlike any other CAD tool on the market today because it not only delivers enhancements to existing tools and UI but adds new technology that makes this product so unique. There’s 2 big additions and many enhancements, so in this article…


What Do You Mean it’s a Parametric Video?

Project Chronicle: Bringing CAD and Video into One. This Free Technology Preview from Autodesk is really ingenious. It’s a recording utility for CAD & Design Programs that not only records video screen capture and voice narration but also records and shows below the video software gestures too with a timeline chronicle of the sequence of commands, dialogue boxes, files and…


Autodesk Showcase – More Than Just Rendering But Is It Better Than Keyshot?

Showcase, once a $40k platform, is now an affordable HDRI Visualisation tool, but is it as good as Keyshot? It opens all major CAD formats, has Kiosk features via the web or ipad, updating scene’s if the model changes without loss of work, photo-realistic rendering and animation capabilities. Keyshot has been an great choice for users of 3D CAD packages…


Autodesk Buys A Lot and Employees Sell A Lot

Acquisitions and Insider Share Trading are High at Autodesk. As Autodesk are named one of Fortune 100’s best companies to work for, so why is the CEO and 7 other employees selling so many shares? With the Shareholder’s of Delcam approving the Autodesk acquisition, there’s a lot of money being exchanged, so let’s take a look at the activity…


Autodesk Acquires Circuits.io for PCB Design and Manufacturing

Autodesk strengthens it’s web-based 3D presence and hints towards 3D Printing market. Joining the 123D App family is Circuits.io a web-based and connected community for designing and simulating electronic circuits and will now be branded Autodesk 123D Circuits. Not only can you do PCB design, you can order multi-layer PCB’s from the website too. Other features are a breadboard…


Alias Design: Class A Surfacing for the Mainstream

When People Buy Your Products Because They Look Better. A Class A Surface can be defined as one without physical imperfection. In the Automotive world, Class A Surfaces are mandatory as any reflection while highlight any imperfections, and have been used for Automotive surfaces for years, but what about consumer products, why doesn’t this market segment demand Class A…


Project Falcon: Wind Tunnel Simulation

This free technology preview is available from Autodesk Labs, and will simulate air flow around buildings, vehicles, outdoor equipment, consumer products or other objects in a virtual wind tunnel. Open your 2D or 3D model, set the wind direction (angle), speed (velocity) and analyse the flow. There are analysis settings for dimensions, resolution and 3D drag too. There are…


Autodesk Launch Process Analysis 360

All manufacturers have processes and inevitably these processes have bottlenecks that need to be analysed, simulated and improved. Process Analysis 360, builds on the Factory Design Suite Portfolio by helping engineers and systems designers study and optimise manufacturing processes from any web0-enabled device. This is not a CAD product. You design a layout by drag and dropping block diagrams and…


Autodesk Pushes Further Into Automotive Space

The Recent Acquisitions of VSR & Delcam Make It a Serious Player It’s pretty clear what Autodesk’s goal is; World Domination! It’s got it’s fingers in every industry that uses software for engineering and design. In Automotive, Autodesk’s acquisition of Alias, gave it a foot in the door, adding Class-A Surfacing tools to their MCAD portfolio, and in many countries,…


Titanium Additive Manufacturing: The Answer to Australia’s Prayers

Will Additive Manufacturing Get Australian Manufacturing Competitive Again? The short answer is no, not today, but there is hope for the future. The only problem is will it get here quick enough to save the industry… Ok, here’s the argument for TiAM (Titanium Additive Manufacturing); you have two factories, one in China, one in Australia. There’s 10 TiAM Machines,…


Autodesk Releases Inventor 2015 Beta

Autodesk Releases Features in Inventor that are Long Time Coming It’s Beta time for Autodesk Inventor users and what a release it is! What’s it got? The NDA says I can’t tell you, you’ll have to go here to download it. What I can say is that Autodesk are making it better with not just enhancements but new technology and better…