Autodesk Portal Gets New Usage Reporting Features

Autodesk Portal New Usage Reports Side Bar Moving at the Speed of Business

NEW Autodesk Usage Report

Autodesk have announced that there are new usage reporting features within the Autodesk Account Management Portal for Autodesk accounts.

Coming soon, this new reporting tool will be found under Usage Report. Whether your users are on Autodesk subscriptions or Autodesk Flex licenses, you can now view the product usage details for all of your users on one single page with Usage Report. All admins on all Autodesk plans will have access to the new Usage Report.

Have a look in the reporting section of your account. When the new feature is activated, you will see a snapshot of important details for both subscriptions and Flex. The information available in the new reporting tool ncludes:

  • Total number of Autodesk subscriptions for your team(s)
  • The number of active or inactive users
  • The number of Flex tokens used and Flex tokens remaining
  • The monthly average Flex token usage

You now have easy access to all of this data at your fingertips with a single report showing usage across both Autodesk Flex and Autodesk Subscriptions.

Autodesk Portal New Usage Reports Moving at the Speed of Business

As you scroll down the report you will see a list of users with simple summaries showing:

  • Which Autodesk products they’re using
  • The average number of days they use each product per month
  • How many Flex tokens they’ve used.

You can use the report to differentiate between frequent and infrequent users to adjust and optimize licenses for your team.  For example, you can identify light users and assign them Flex licenses.

Clicking on a user, you can drill down for more detailed information on that particular user as shown below:

Autodesk Portal New Usage Reports User Moving at the Speed of Business

Additionally, you can use filters to arrange your data and identify specific information of interest. For example, you can filter by products, teams or access type. Any filters you apply will also be carried over to the export functionality if you choose to export your data for additional analysis and insights outside of Usage Report, in Microsoft Excel or a Google Sheet for example.

Autodesk Portal New Usage Reports Filter Moving at the Speed of Business

The new Usage Report provides a single view of how all of your Autodesk users are using their licenses. The new Usage Report will help you identify patterns and make better decisions.  For example, the new Usage Report can help you decide:

  • Which users might benefit from using Flex or subscription
  • When to buy more subscriptions or tokens,
  • Which inactive subscriptions you can reassign

Coming Soon

This new reporting feature is not available yet.  When it is launched, you will find it in the Reporting menu as shown below:

Autodesk Portal New Usage Reports Side Bar Moving at the Speed of Business

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