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What’s New in Inventor 2022

Inventor 2020 Whats New 2

What's New in Inventor 2022

Inventor 2022’s focus has been on managing parts and assemblies through model states, further enhancements to Inventor/Revit interoperability, Fusion 360 interoperability, productivity and performance.

Inventor 2022 Overview
  • Model States – Parts: Manage manufacturing operations, dimensional variations, and simplified representations all on one part file.
  • Model States – Assemblies: Create multiple representations of an assembly within a single document to manage various assembly configurations and model simplification.
  • Revit Interoperability: Collaborate on BIM projects with improved tools to simplify and save native Revit project files in Inventor.
  • Productivity and Performance: See increased performance when editing large assemblies and improved productivity in features you use often.
  • Installation and Deployment: Get everyone on your team onto the latest release with a new installation and deployment experience.
  • Drawings: Use the camera views, manufacturing information, and lighting style from your 3D model in your 2D drawing views.
  • Installation and Deployment: Get everyone on your team onto the latest release with a new installation and deployment experience.

Model States - Parts and Assemblies

The new model states workflow enables users to create multiple presentations of a part or assembly within a single document, producing model state variations with different parameters, components, properties or simplification.

Model states are particularly useful for manufacturing processes, families of parts or sheet metal fold operations.

Model states can be used for the following:

  • Machining operations from the casted model to the final part
  • Sheet metal stages for multiple bend operations
  • Weldments for weld preparation and other machining operations
  • Product families that have different values for dimensions or features that are shown or suppressed
  • Alternative assembly positions to quickly switch between them visually or used for drawing views
  • Level of completion for each stage as your design gets assembled
  • Simplification levels for removing intellectual property or high levels of detail before export
  • iProperty information

Model states in assemblies can be used for configurations, weldment preparation or alternate positions.

Part Model States

Model States - Parts and Assemblies

The new model states workflow enables users to create multiple presentations of a part or assembly within a single document, producing model state variations with different parameters, components, properties or simplification.

Model states are particularly useful for manufacturing processes, families of parts or sheet metal fold operations.

Model states can be used for the following:

  • Machining operations from the casted model to the final part
  • Sheet metal stages for multiple bend operations
  • Weldments for weld preparation and other machining operations
  • Product families that have different values for dimensions or features that are shown or suppressed
  • Alternative assembly positions to quickly switch between them visually or used for drawing views
  • Level of completion for each stage as your design gets assembled
  • Simplification levels for removing intellectual property or high levels of detail before export
  • iProperty information

Model states in assemblies can be used for configurations, weldment preparation or alternate positions.

Part Model States
inventor 2022 screen capture robot 02
inventor 2022 screen capture robot 03
inventor 2022 screen capture robot 03

Assemblies - Instance Properties

Instance properties enables you to assign properties to individual component instances.

Assigned properties are stored in the parent assembly. 

Unlike iProperties, Instance Properties don’t affect the referenced component files. Instance Properties are assigned to individual component instances only and can override custom iProperties.

Instance Properties are available in annotations such as balloons, leader notes and parts lists.

Simplification Improvements

The new simplification command provides:

  • IP removal prior to export
  • All settings are moved to the property panel
  • Built-in presets
  • Integrated Inventor to Revit workflow

This new command replaces both the shrinkwrap and shrinkwrap substitute commands.

Interoperability - Inventor + Revit

2022 allow users for the first time to export Inventor models to the Revit rvt project file format.

The simplification tool gives users the ability to select only the components and features that are required for export into Revit.

A Revit Exports browser folder is placed in the Inventor model browser. It is populated with a node for the exported model.  As long as the model is maintained in the specified path, you can edit, preview, open in Revit or an associated application, or update the RVT model.

Interoperability - Inventor + Fusion 360

In addition to Revit interoperability, the new Inventor 2022 release includes a ‘Send to Fusion’ button making it easier to send data to Fusion 360 and Fusion Team.

Upon selection of the Send to Fusion 360 command, files will automatically get uploaded to your Fusion Team account.

In Fusion, you can make edits to your model geometry without changing the part in Inventor, this ideal when you need to prepare a part for CNC machining, 3D printing, or generative design.


Interoperability - Additional Workflows

Autodesk has also added QIF 3.0 support for PMI data and via the TAsk Scheduler, JT Export.

Productivity and Performance

The Autodesk Inventor team has continued to focus or Model, Drawing and Graphic Performance.

Parts, assemblies, drawings have all been enhanced year after year to deliver an efficient experience for everyone who works on complex parts and very large assemblies.

For those who enjoy editing parts while working in the assembly environment, you will find several performance improvements while editing sketches and visibility improvements.  GPU’s are now better utilised for visual styles like displaying wireframe and silhouette edges and opening and closing documents is faster than ever.

Productivity - User Interface

Fillets and Property Palette

The fillet command has been moved to the property panel and these panels can be docked anywhere on your screen.

Assembly Constraints

New options allow users to visualise what is under constrained.

There’s a status filter which you can select to show the constraint state in the browser.

Measure Command

The new installer and online deployment builder, making it simpler to configure and launch.

Tube and Pipe

Angle attribute is now exported when saving one or multiple runs to ISOGEN .pcf files .

iLogic support for Model State

iLogic is expanded to support the following Model State workflows:

  • ThisDoc.Document support for Model State In a component occurrence of a model state document, the existing ThisDoc.Document property returns the member document.
    • The ThisDoc.Document property is expanded to support returning the member document when running in a component occurrence of a model state document.
    • The new ThisDoc.FactoryDocument property returns the factory document when running either in a top-level document or in an assembly component. In a component occurrence document, this returns the associated factory document. In a top-level document, this returns the same object as ThisDoc.Document.
    • In a drawing, the new ThisDrawing.ModelFactoryDocument property returns the factory document for the first model view (or nothing if there is no model view).
    • In a drawing view, the new ICadDrawingView.ModelFactoryDocument property returns the factory document for that view (or nothing if it is not a model view).
  • There is a new event called Model State Activated now available in the Event Triggers dialog box. This trigger occurs when a model state is activated. Use this trigger to run a rule in the document in which the event occurred.
  • New function lets you add a component in a specified model state

    A new function called AddWithModelState is now available on the Components object (IManagedComponents interface). This function adds a managed occurrence of a part or subassembly.

    Note: Capture Current State on an existing component that includes a model state, in turn creates code that includes AddWithModelState.
  • iLogic edit-in-place and model states

    There are some restrictions on what you can do with iLogic rules when you are editing a model state component in place. In a model state, when a component member file is being in-place edited within an assembly:

    • You can edit, run, and suppress rules.
    • You can’t add or delete rules.

    There is no change to edit-in-place support for components that aren’t model state components: You can add an iLogic rule:

    • From the top level document.
    • At the sub-component level in the in-place-edit environment.
  • Instructions to Modify an Occurrence Parameter with a Model State

    Access the steps here: To Modify an Occurrence Parameter with a Model State.

  • Use the new Instance property snippets to read and create Instance Properties.
  • There is a new event named Any User Parameter Change in the Event Triggers dialog box. This event is triggered when you change the value of a User parameter.

Dark Theme

The Dark Theme that was introduced in the 2021 release has been fully implemented in 2022, including in the iLogic Rule Editor


You can now change the look of shaded views in Drawings by changing  the lighting style.

There are new drawing view options available to repurpose the camera views and 3D annotations created in the 3D model.Centerlines and center marks with extended lines now break when intersecting with dimensions, making it easier to read the dimension value.

Installation and Deployment

The measure command is updated to use a property panel style and has Done and Retry buttons to improve workflow and productivity. Measure in an assembly has a tool palette for quick access to selection filtering and a loop modifier.

You can now create a deployment that includes your customized settings in the iLogic Configuration dialog box.

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Autodesk Releases Inventor 2021.2

inventor 2021 badge 1024px

Autodesk has released the latest 2021.2 version for Inventor on 30/10/2020 and looking through the list, I find that the list is on improvements and resolving issues rather than new features and functionality.

Here’s the list below. For more information visit the Autodesk Inventor Help page

Design Consulting Autodesk Inventor Professional Dynamic Simulation 2

Add-Ins – Cable and Harness

Resolved a Cable & Harness Loom style color cannot be updated issue. INVGEN-41120

Resolved issue where visibility of the components setting is ignored when editing a Cable & Harness sub assembly. INVGEN-43727

Add-Ins – Content Center

Resolved issue where the Place from Content Center icon (Ribbon) switched to Place icon during placing a component from Content Center. INVGEN-32831

Resolved issue where columns with formulas that reference other columns weren’t working correctly. INVGEN-36130

Resolved issue where Content Center commands were enabled for non-master positional representations when switching between documents. INVGEN-37050

Improved performance when placing large Content Center families. INVGEN-39031

Resolved issue for the Chinese version where Boolean values were translated in the opposite direction. INVGEN-43480

Add-Ins – Design Accelerator

Improved the constraint behavior of bolted connections (BC) by applying temporary ground constraints to keep the BC in position when constraining to them. Temporary constraints are removed afterward. INVGEN-39989

Resolved issue preventing bolted patterns from following the pattern after being edited. INVGEN-41252

Resolved error messaging issue, it is improved for cases where template report files aren’t accessible. INVGEN-41345

Resolved issue that the bolted connection did not insert the correct bolt length. INVGEN-41805

Resolved issue where the bolted connection generator created Through All holes instead of To Face holes. INVGEN-42562

Resolved a refresh Content Center Standard Parts with Bolted Connection sub-assembly issue. INVGEN-42851

Resolved issue that prevented changing the shaft generator element type or deleting the element. INVGEN-43202

Resolved issue that bolted connections did not work properly when the sub-assemble structure was disabled. INVGEN-44310

Resolved issue where Bill of Materials didn’t update correctly after using the Bolted Connection Follow pattern setting. INVGEN-44383

Add-Ins – Frame Generator

An additional index is added at the end of the file name to avoid duplicating file names. INVGEN-39016

Frame Generator property panel. Moved “Zoom” label away from border. INVGEN-39378

Improved stability when working with Frame Generator. INVGEN-41396

Add-Ins – Mold Design

Resolved issue with displaying saved Part Fill Analysis results after reopening the file. INVGEN-2884

Resolved a performance issue with imported data in Mold Design Generate core and cavity. INVGEN-40356

Add-Ins – Simulation

Resolved issue where saved Inventor files (when using the Centaur addin) did not include FEA results when re-opened. INVGEN-41945

Add-Ins – Simulation – Stress Analysis

Improved performance when moving an FEA probe tag. INVGEN-43601

Add-Ins – Task Scheduler

Resolved issue preventing Task Scheduler from  checking files into Vault as part of a migration task. INVGEN-41548

Add-Ins – Tube and Pipe

Resolved issue where file naming defaults and indexing for Tube & Pipe run locations weren’t working correctly. INVGEN-37052

Resolved the issue where dimensions applied to a route did not persist when the Auto Dimension option is OFF. INVGEN-40329

It’s now possible to promote/demote tube and pipe content center components when they are outside the scope of tube and pipe assemblies. INVGEN-40379

Resolved issue preventing you from moving Tube and Pipe components in the browser. INVGEN-41253

Resolved a Tube and Pipe issue where Copy run doesn’t offer unique filenames for populated copied components. Now, when a run with populated route/s is copied, unique filenames for populated components are offered to finish the workflow. INVGEN-43243

Resolved issue where a Tube & Pipe assembly lost its adaptivity. INVGEN-43341

Improved stability when editing a Tube & Pipe route in some models. INVGEN-43347

Improved stability when editing routes in the Tube & Pipe environment. INVGEN-43616

Resolved issue where it was not possible to snap a tube and pipe component to the route end point during component placement. INVGEN-44122

Resolved issue where an unpopulated route did not update and later populate. For 2021 and earlier versions of Inventor. INVGEN-44277

Resolved issue where there are missing context menu commands during tube and pipe fitting placement. INVGEN-46146

Add-Ins – iLogic

Resolved issue where iLogic Form wouldn’t function after changing the Level of Detail and accessing the Bill of Materials. INVGEN-36380

Removed the Page Setup command from the rule editor toolbar. INVGEN-36993

In the iLogic rule editor, autocomplete now works for function parameters. INVGEN-39827

Read only parameters now have a different background color than read/write INVGEN-42780

Resolved issue causing iLogic forms to take a long time to refresh. INVGEN-43789

Resolved issue with Migrate ETO names where Inventor displayed an error or failed to migrate names. INVGEN-44408

Resolved iLogic UI issues related to dark theme. INVGEN-45661

Resolved issue with the Dark Theme where the the Publish 3D PDF dialog box would become too dark to read after creating an iLogic rule. INVGEN-46367


The units of measure defined in Revit data file are now respected during import INVGEN-38659

Resolved issue where the Resolve Link dialog box would display when importing a Pro-e assembly. INVGEN-45694


Improved stability when enabling Suppress on the iProperties/Occurrences tab for a component. INVGEN-43768

Assemblies – BOM

Resolved issue where copying cells in the Bill of Materials would incorrectly overwrite the Quantity and Thumbnail values. INVGEN-42397

Resolved issue where the Bill of Materials Expand All Children setting wasn’t working. INVGEN-42435

Improved stability when working with iAssemblies Bill of Materials. INVGEN-43703

Assemblies – Constraints-Joint-Assemble

Resolved issue that iMate fails to match after replacement. INVGEN-42147

Assemblies – Copy Object

Resolved incremental file naming issue in Copy Component. INVGEN-39719

Assemblies – Design Views

Improved stability when using the undo and redo commands. INVGEN-42611

Resolved issue where Modify Design View Representation changes were not being saved in an assembly. INVGEN-42770

Assemblies – Features-Sketch

Resolved issue where Include Geometry in a 3D Sketch would not create fully constrained geometry. INVGEN-42390

Assemblies – Mirror-Copy-Replace

Resolved issue where Copy Components would corrupt the file when reusing an existing instance. INVGEN-45644


Improved stability when working in the drawing environment. INVGEN-39174

Drawings – Tables

Resolved issue that Inventor failed to set the hole table origin at existing center mark. INVGEN-41662

Drawings – True Connect

Resolved issue where the drawing file size was increased after adding iProperties. INVGEN-37773

Drawings – Views

Resolved issue that 2D constraints were lost in a section view that used projected geometry when the angle of the reference geometry was updated . INVGEN-31205

Resolved issue where the initial drawing scale was not correct. INVGEN-44129

Resolved issue where Realign Auxiliary Views command persisted a raster view when Exported to PDF/DWF. INVGEN-44136

Resolved issue preventing pasting a view into the same location as the original view when the cursor is on sheet. INVGEN-44726


Resolved a stability issue when a derived sheet metal part is resolved to a new file and an update is pending. INVGEN-45273

Parts – 2D Sketch

Resolved a performance issue that occurred when creating sketch patterns. INVGEN-36776

Parts – Derive

Improved stability when editing a derived part sketch. INVGEN-44268

Parts – Extrude-Revolve-Sweep-Coil

Improved performance of Extrude Through All. INVGEN-43112

Parts – Fillet-Chamfer

Improved stability when using fillet to select an edge loop on a non-active component. INVGEN-43787

Improved stability when creating fillets. INVGEN-44154

Resolved issue where applying a variable fillet atop another fillet would exit Inventor, INVGEN-44971

Parts – Hole-Threads

Improved stability when creating a Hole during edit-in place after turning on “Allow Center Point Creation” and placing a Hole center point. INVGEN-43698

Parts – Measure

Improved stability when editing a drawing dimension while a modeless dialog is displayed. INVGEN-44959

Parts – Sheet Metal

Improved stability of the Refold feature. INVGEN-3353

Resolved issue about an API query for FlatBendResult.Bend hangs inventor. INVGEN-44872


Resolved issue where the custom template paths did not populate the  Application Options/File tab fields when using  /IMPORTOPTIONS on Inventor start up. INVGEN-37765

Improved stability of Inventor close when working in the VBA editor. INVGEN-41209

Improved stability when using the und and redo commands. INVGEN-41614

Resolved issue where Save As wasn’t checking to see if another document with the same filename was already open. INVGEN-41661

Improved stability when creating a sketch and an invisible insertion point was corrupt. INVGEN-43763

Platform – Framework

Improved stability when copying and pasting work geometry. INVGEN-45716

Platform – Graphics

Improved stability when editing a sketch pasted from an AutoCAD drawing. INVGEN-42066


The last selected option in the tweak command is retained in the current Inventor session. INVGEN-11506


Resolved issue where the component color was missing when importing Pro/E assembly files. INVGEN-28934

Improved stability when importing an NX assembly which contains parts with issues. INVGEN-41550

Resolved missing face color issue when importing certain step files. INVGEN-42138

Resolved issue where AnyCAD Catia components were in the wrong position when exported to a STEP file. INVGEN-42305

Resolved issue where Export to STEP 242 or to JT, caused unexpected termination. INVGEN-43314

Translators – DWG-DXF

Resolved issue that title block text shifted when exported to an AutoCAD DWG file. INVGEN-44331

Tutorial Framework

Resolved issue preventing you from sharing Guided Tutorials. INVGEN-43609

Resolved issue preventing you from allowing the Tutorial Gallery to work properly with a Proxy server setup. This requires the Windows environment variables: http_proxy and https_proxy. INVGEN-43662


Resolved issue that the Nastran Convergence Settings icon was missing in the Inventor 2021 dark theme. INVGEN-42777

Resolved issue on My Home where the document number wasn’t showing up in the Recent Document section. INVGEN-44172

Resolved issue that the in-canvas edit box did not accept input when the model was open in a separate window. INVGEN-45983

UI – Browser

Fixed the color of the ‘unresolved’ icon for dark mode. INVGEN-43860

Improved the stability of suppressing unresolved content center files. INVGEN-44379

UI – Customization

Resolved issue that 3DA and Vault commands were removed from Quick Access Toolbar after restarting  Inventor twice. INVGEN-43198

Resolved issue where a Macro button vanished from a custom panel after adding an optional parameter to the method. INVGEN-46035

UI – Mini Toolbar

Resolved issue causing View Navigation to respond very slowly when the appearance Adjust command is active under Dark theme. INVGEN-43761

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Autodesk Inventor 2021.1 Update Out Now

Design Consulting Autodesk Inventor Professional Dynamic Simulation

Autodesk Inventor 2021.1 Update Out Now

Autodesk has just released Inventor 2021.1 with some exciting new features and enhancements from feedback provided by the Inventor community.

Middle Mouse Button

Can you believe it? It’s here, something so simple, giving such pleasure… you can now assign the middle mouse button to pan, rotate and zoom, independent of using the control or shift key.

Between Option and Keep Body Tool

You can now extrude between to faces and/or planes. The second option which used to be hidden in the advanced tab is Keep Tool body.

Between two faces

XML Import and Export

Exporting usernames and values can be done via XML from the parameters dialog box, which is handy for iLogic users.

Multi-Open from Drawing Environment

The ability to multi-select parts, assemblies or presentations from the browser and open those files with a right click has been added which will all be opened in a separate window.

Right-Click > Align Section View

You can now align section views by right-clicking and choosing the command which is also available inside the Section View dialog box as a radio button.

Revit Interoperability

The support of choosing which Revit categories to import has now been added to the new Revit AnyCAD functionality in 2021.

Other enhancements have been with the progress bar will appear on the same monitor as Inventor and Revit files with non-ASCII characters will update properly. 

Frame Generator

There continues to be improvements to Frame Generator with two new options added in this release. The first one is the ability to know if files are being saved outside your project before saving and the second option is a full path being displayed before saving.

The trim/Extend tool select is now active after you clikc apply, commands such as Insert/Miter/Notch are disabled in Weldment sub-environments.

The tool tip and property panel text has been unified and the cut for end treatments is now correct as the G_L length is now calculated by the frame algorithm and not by start/end planes which caused incorrect lengths when frames were modified.

For the full ist of updates, please refer to the Autodesk Inventor help file.

Check out the what’s new video here:

Design Consulting Products and Services

Design Consulting offers a wide range of products and services for Inventor users such as:

CAD Templates red black
CAD Templates, Libraries and Setup
Design Consulting Training thumb
Training and Mentoring
Design Consulting Autodesk Vault thumb
Vault Deployments and Migration
iLogic Design Automation
Vault in the cloud e1597748468411
Vault Deployments and Migration
Design Consulting Programming thumb

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If you would learn more about Autodesk software, setup, training, design automation or Vault, please contact us by calling on 1800 490 514, by filling out the form or clicking the live chat in the bottom right-hand corner.


BIM 360 Integration

Many companies have to manually upload deliverables like PDF’s to BIM 360 in which they have to manually download projects locally, run export tasks and then upload the files to the correct folder,  which can all be automated with IMAGINiT Clarity.

Regular IT adminstration such as project back-ups and storing project data offline can be scheduled and snapshots of Revit projects to share in BIM 360 with other disciplines can also be automated.

New in 2021, Clarity can now migrate BIM 360 projects and show metrics.

If you need to migrate between hubs, the task can be automated through Clarity and any metrics from IMAGINiT Clarity can automatically be imported into the BIM 360 dashboard to be visible for all project stakeholders.


Revit and Inventor – Prefabrication construction workflows

Revit Inventor Logo

With Construction and Manufacturing converging, the collaboration in design between Architects, Builders, Manufacturers and Fabricators has become more important than ever. In this article we explore the link between Autodesk Revit and Inventor to show how models and drawings can from the two systems can work together. In an Autodesk BIM environment, typically the architectural, structural and MEP design…


3D Rack Configurator


Want to automate 3D configurable models, 2D drawings and a bill of materials? Check out this rack configurator with 45 options using Autodesk Inventor which automates the 3D model and Bill of materials, right down to the nuts and bolts. In this video we drop in multiple racks and layout out a factory with 57,000 parts using the tools in the Autodesk…


What’s New in Autodesk Factory Design Suite 2017

Factory Navigation rendered

Building on the Factory Design Suite 2016 Feature Update Pack, the new Factory Design Suite 2017 release has a focus on Speed: faster asset publishing, quicker response times when placing assets, quicker synching between AutoCAD and Navisworks and Asset Management: improvements in the lighter assets, working with parameters, better Vault integration and more functions and editing capabilities of assets. Here’s the list Included Software…


What’s New in Product Design Suite 2017

Product Design Suite 2017

With Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD at the core of Product Design Suite, you can view what’s new in Autodesk Inventor here and AutoCAD here. Depending on which Suite (premium or Ultimate), here’s the list of programs in the 2017 Suite: Inventor / Inventor Professional AutoCAD AutoCAD Mechanical AutoCAD Raster Design AutoCAD Electrical 3ds Max Showcase Vault Basic Recap Navisworks…


Autodesk Inventor Vs. Solidworks Review

Semi trailer 2

With CAD systems constantly changing features, versions, licencing and subscription models, two of the most popular comparisons is between Autodesk Inventor and Solidworks. Having used and supplied both, I’ve put together a licencing and feature comparison. Product Choices You can buy Autodesk Inventor in Limited Technology (LT), Autodesk Inventor Professional, Autodesk Inventor HSM or Autodesk Inventor/ Inventor Professional in a Design Suite….


What’s New in Autodesk Inventor 2017

inventor 2017 badge 2048px

It’s that time of year again to see what’s new in Autodesk’s Inventor 2017.Another pretty good release with new technology that are in line with where things are heading, a focus on cloud collaboration and enhancements that users have been requesting. Below is a full list of what’s new, but here’s the top new things that I like and a…


Autodesk changes Inventor and Inventor Professional subscription pricing

inventor 2017 badge 2048px

As of March 21st, 2016, Autodesk Inventor Professional subscription prices will be the same as Autodesk Inventor pricing and the product line will be consolidated to Inventor LT and Inventor. The new Autodesk Inventor will have all the features of Inventor Professional at the same price of Inventor, which is 40% cheaper and users can subscribe monthly, quarterly, annually, 2…


What’s New in Inventor 2016 – Release 3

shape generator

The new R3 release not only has hotfixes but Autodesk have added more technology for users on subscription. To recap, Release 2 had: Simulation  Shape Generator – Punch in a force, factor of safety and how much weight you need reduced and Shape generator will provide a design that meets the criteria Force Effect, which is a simulation app on Android…


What’s New in Autodesk Inventor 2016

new rendering engine

One of the biggest and best releases in CAD let alone Inventor. When Inventor 2015 was released I thought it was one the No.1 CAD system on the planet, Inventor 2016 cements it. Inventor blows away anything else on the market, add to that you get it in a Suite of other best of breed products and nothing else comes…


What is #TheFutureofMakingThings ?

inventor 2015 ray tracing

Autodesk has launched The Future of Making Things. A vision of how they see future human and business interaction with technology when it comes to engineering, design, analysis and collaboration. At the Autodesk University Keynote address in December, 2014,  Jeff Kowalski, Autodesk SVP and Chief Technology Officer, discussed how Autodesk is looking at technology and design through the lens of…


Inventor 2016 Alpha is now in Beta 1 Phase


If anyone on subscription wants to get a preview of 2016, head to beta.autodesk.com and get access to Inventor 2016 Beta. I’ve never seen a CAD system which so many new features and enhancements. This one is going to shake up the CAD world! Check out the previews at Autodesk University… News Flash 27/3/15: It’s released – https://designconsulting.com.au/2015/03/28/whats-new-in-autodesk-inventor-2016/


Surfacing Showdown: Autodesk Inventor Vs. The Rest

autodesk inventor vs dassault systemes solidworks inventor model3

Which 3D MCAD package does it faster, with less features, better control & feedback with higher surface quality? With a number of different surfacing technologies in the MCAD market, I thought it would be interesting to see how Autodesk Inventor’s Freeform Modelling (using N.U.R.B.S with T-Splines), stacked up against the rest. CAD Systems In this review, the following CAD systems are…


Nastran In-CAD 2015 for Solidworks


Nastran In-CAD 2015 is now shipping for an integrated environment for Soldiworks. With a great reputation in the industry the Nastran solver does FEA linear and non-linear analysis. Adding to the Moldflow, Algor & CFDesign Line Up, Autodesk is now shipping Nastran 2015 and Nastran In-CAD 2015 for an integrated environment for Soldiworks and Inventor. The solver is also…


Autodesk Releases Nastran 2015 and Nastran In-CAD 2015


Adding to the Moldflow, Algor & CFDesign Line Up, Autodesk is now shipping Nastran 2015 and Nastran In-CAD 2015 for an integrated environment for Soldiworks and Inventor. With a great reputation in the industry the Nastran solver does FEA linear and non-linear analysis. The solver is also integrated into Autodesks Simulation Mechanical (Local Machine) and Simulation Flex which is…


Autodesk Inventor 2016 – Alpha


I just logged into Autodesk Beta and checked out the new enhancements and downloaded Alpha. If you thought 2015 was a kick-ass release, from what I’m seeing in the Autodesk Inventor 2016 Alpha… Wow! As I’m binded by confidentiality, I can’t say anything specific except that they are doing some great work over at Autodesk with the help of the…


Mockup 360 Now in Product Design Suite 2015

mockup 360

Open Collaboration Services Added to the Suite’s Subscription Services. If real-time open collaboration (regardless of CAD tool), large scale 3D visualisation, clash detection analysis and project management ticks boxes as benefits in your design workflows, then take a look at Mockup 360. Product Design Suite Services are cloud based services such as Autodesk 360 (Document Hosting, Sharing, Editing & Collaboration), Optimisation Studies for Inventor…


Autodesk Inventor 2015 – Sheet Metal Enhancements

With sheet metal design being an integral part of many Inventor customers, the new features and enhancements are always taken with great interest, so here’s a video I put together: So What’s New in Sheet Metal for Inventor 2015 Rename End Of Part (EOP) to End Of Folded (EOF) for sheet metal parts Enhanced orientation control in…


What’s New in Autodesk Inventor 2015

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Hybrid Parametric Direct Editing, N.U.R.B.S with T-Splines and more… Inventor 2015 is one of the best releases yet, unlike any other CAD tool on the market today because it not only delivers enhancements to existing tools and UI but adds new technology that makes this product so unique. There’s 2 big additions and many enhancements, so in this article…


Leveraging on Engineering to Drive Sales and Increase Profitability

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Use Your Existing Engineering & Design Investment to Make Money & Save Time. Engineering for some companies can be seen as a cost, requiring resources and energy to engineer, design, research and develop. Using the right tools can reduce design cycles, errors and time and also create better products that will generate more profit but what about using those…


Automate 3D CAD Design with Autodesk Inventor’s iLogic


Conveyor Pulleys Australia Improves Productivity in 3D Modelling, Quoting & Ordering by at least 50%. When CPA moved their designs from AutoCAD to Inventor, it’s fair to say they increased productivity by around 50%, but by automating with Inventor using its iLogic module, they reduced engineering design, quoting and ordering processes by at least another 50% and what used…


What Are The Best Tools For Factory Design & Management?

A Way To Address Factory Layouts, Engineering, Sales, Lean Manufacturing, Made to Order, Scheduling & Production Planning Challenges. The design and management of a factory involves many tools and stakeholders. Engineers can design the facilities layout with architectural structures, conveyors, materials handling,  process equipment, safety equipment, office furniture, storage, building utilities (MEP), robots, spray booths, pits, platforms freezers, forklifts and humans,…


How AutoCAD Products Work With Inventor

Interoperability, Associativity, Synch and Exchange Explained. With currently 13 AutoCAD Branded products available, how do they work with Inventor and to what capacity? With all that legacy AutoCAD data out there and users still engineering design on various AutoCAD Products, working with DWG is an important issue and using Autodesk products make it easier. All those time saving features…


The Hybrid Surfacing & Mesh Data Environment

alias surface 2

How Alias Uses Scanned Mesh Data With Surfacing.            With so many companies embracing 3D scanning but with CAD systems only being able to open an STL file, what can you do to recreate a 3D model from your mesh data when your CAD system can’t create features from the mesh? Autodesk Inventor’s mesh enabler…


Recommended Computer Hardware for CAD

What To Get And Why. A CAD user’s workflow generally falls into 2 categories, modeling and simulation and getting a CAD workstation to suit your requirement is essential. While getting something better than what you need will delay the need to buy another computer down the track, getting something less than required will end up costing more than the…


What Do You Mean it’s a Parametric Video?

Project Chronicle: Bringing CAD and Video into One. This Free Technology Preview from Autodesk is really ingenious. It’s a recording utility for CAD & Design Programs that not only records video screen capture and voice narration but also records and shows below the video software gestures too with a timeline chronicle of the sequence of commands, dialogue boxes, files and…


Motion Assembly Constraints Made Easy

        Constraining components can be time consuming. What if you could click two parts and the computer figured out the relationship and mated the two components together? You’d then specify the limitations and move onto the next task. The New Joints Command does just that in Autodesk Inventor 2014. It builds on Inventors Constraint and Assemble Commands…


Associativity Between Autodesk Inventor & AutoCAD

Associativity is great, when the 3D model changes, the 2D drawing and Bill of Materials updates automatically. Associativity between programs is even better. So you may ask why do I need to use AutoCAD to detail my 3D model when I already have Inventor? Autodesk Inventor can create a DWG drawing and detail 3D Model which saves time exporting from…


Autodesk Clean Tech Program: Sustainable Designs for Tomorrow

Get $150,000 of software for $50, Workshops to Learn how to do sustainable design & engineering and understand key concepts, Sustainable business practices and Nonprofit donated software are some of the offerings Autodesk provide under their Clean Tech Program being driven by the design-led revolution. Clean Tech Innovators can apply for the $150k Clean Tech Grant Here and get Software for Digital…


Synching AutoCAD and Inventor with Factory Design Suite

When 2D isn’t Enough but 3D is Too Complicated – Use the Right Tool for the Right Job at the Right Time. Associativity between Autodesk’s AutoCAD and Inventor has always been an enhancement request. A couple years ago, Autodesk released Associativity between AutoCAD and Inventor where you could detail your 3D Inventor models with the power of AutoCAD and…


Project Falcon: Wind Tunnel Simulation

flow design

This free technology preview is available from Autodesk Labs, and will simulate air flow around buildings, vehicles, outdoor equipment, consumer products or other objects in a virtual wind tunnel. Open your 2D or 3D model, set the wind direction (angle), speed (velocity) and analyse the flow. There are analysis settings for dimensions, resolution and 3D drag too. There are…


Autodesk Announce CAM 360 – 1st Ever Cloud Based CAM

Autodesk have launched CAM 360 and you can try it here. It’s the only CAM that combines CNC Programming (Generator & Editing), Tool Path Simulation, and Design with real-time collaboration and online project and data management. It’s based on HSMWorks technology which they acquired about 13 months ago and comes with Fusion 360 too which will allow to to do 3D CAD…


When Your CAD Data Needs to Work With Architects Using Revit

Revit Interoperability: Getting your 3D Mechanical CAD to work Revit CAD files & BIM-MEP AUS Compliance. The AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction) sector has long been using Revit for their 3D design of buildings and structures, but what happens if you’re a manufacturer of pumps or you fabricate staircases and your client requests files in Revit? How do you…


Turn Photos Into 3D Models


Autodesk ReCap Photo: Making Images a Virtual Reality What do you get when you cross unlimited cloud computing and cutting edge digital stitching? A 3D Mesh. Add Auotdesk Project Momento  for analysis and correction and Mesh Enabler to convert the mesh into a 3D Solid, now you’ve got something you can work with. Autodesk ReCap for laser scanning is already included…


Titanium Additive Manufacturing: The Answer to Australia’s Prayers

Will Additive Manufacturing Get Australian Manufacturing Competitive Again? The short answer is no, not today, but there is hope for the future. The only problem is will it get here quick enough to save the industry… Ok, here’s the argument for TiAM (Titanium Additive Manufacturing); you have two factories, one in China, one in Australia. There’s 10 TiAM Machines,…


Autodesk Inventor is now a CAD/CAM Solution

Autodesk taking the cloud by storm with CAM In October 2012, Autodesk acquired HSMWorks, a Solidworks CAM add-on. A year later it announced HSMXpress is available for download and integrated into Autodesk Inventor. So there’s two versions, HSMXpress and HSMProfessional. Xpress is a free 2 1/2 D Axis CAM, which is CAM on the X/Y plane and Professional will…


Will Autodesk Have an Answer for Tekla?

Autodesk Acquire Graitec for Structural Steel  & Concrete Fabrication and Detailing On October 2, 2013, Autodesk annouced they acquired Graitec who have AutoCAD add-ons for structural steel and concrete. A while back they acquired a polish company for an AutoCAD structural steel detailing package, re-branded it AutoCAD Structural Detailing (ASD) and eventually incorporated it into Plant Design Suite Premium and Building Design Suite…


Autodesk Releases Inventor 2015 Beta

Autodesk Releases Features in Inventor that are Long Time Coming It’s Beta time for Autodesk Inventor users and what a release it is! What’s it got? The NDA says I can’t tell you, you’ll have to go here to download it. What I can say is that Autodesk are making it better with not just enhancements but new technology and better…