What’s New in Inventor 2016 – Release 3

shape generator Moving at the Speed of Business

The new R3 release not only has hotfixes but Autodesk have added more technology for users on subscription.

To recap, Release 2 had:


  • Shape Generator – Punch in a force, factor of safety and how much weight you need reduced and Shape generator will provide a design that meets the criteria
shape generator

Shape Generator

  • Force Effect, which is a simulation app on Android and iOS, is now fully integrated into Inventor. Force Effect gives you the ability at the concept stage to input forces and get a better understanding of loads
Force Effect

Force Effect


  • IDF workflow enhancements – more IDF import and publishing options for PCB design

In Release 3, these new features were added:


  • Inventor Connected Design on A360 – This integrates A360 into Inventor, so you can share lightweight 3D files with non-inventor users on any web-enabled device and have a live comment feed with notifications from stake holders which you have invited to ‘Design Share’.

design share


  • Publish designs to IFC format – The BIM Exchange tool now has the ability to export to Revit, ADSK and buildingSMART-certified IFC.


With the 2017 release about 6 months away, it is great to see these new features already included in 2016.