Parametric Dumb Solids with Hybrid Direct Editing

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So you’ve got a 3D model in a neutral format that you want to make parametric and feature recognition doesn’t cut it and history free direct editing isn’t your preferred style.

Here’s how:


There’s a little bit of setup but it sure beats remodeling the whole thing, especially on complex models.

One person commented since publishing this post: I’m struggling to get my head around as to what you are trying to do. If I do understand it seems awfully complicated to do what you want to do.

It depends on what you want to do and how you model your parts and assemblies. Do you make many small changes or do an initial setup and have changes update instantly?

Sure, the fastest way would be to do a push/pull and move on, but lets’ say you want to reuse the part file, constantly make changes and want to use Parametrics in other areas?

Parametric by definition is to link parameters. Here’s the benefits of the approach highlighted in the video above:

  • The Length, Height and Width parameters can now be produced in a BoM and parameter values in the BoM are automatically changed if the parameter changes.
  • Create iParts (aka Configurations) and have for example 10 variants of the one part file.
  • Publish the part and it’s parameter variations on Content Centre and have it as a reusable inventory item.
  • Link the parts parameters with other part and assembly parameters and make one parameter change which does a global update across all parameters that are linked.
  • Use equations, multi-parameters, change Unit Specifications or reference Unit Types (e.g. Length, Mass, Time, temp, Velocity, etc.)
  • Set Parameter Tolerances
  • Use it with iLogic

The beauty of the Hybrid approach is that its the type of approach you want it to be not what the software vendor wants you to use.

Check this other video out of parametric direct editing in action.

Can your CAD do this?


As always, use the right tool for the right job.

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