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3D Rack Configurator


Want to automate 3D configurable models, 2D drawings and a bill of materials? Check out this rack configurator with 45 options using Autodesk Inventor which automates the 3D model and Bill of materials, right down to the nuts and bolts. In this video we drop in multiple racks and layout out a factory with 57,000 parts using the tools in the Autodesk…


What’s New in Autodesk Factory Design Suite 2017

Factory Navigation rendered

Building on the Factory Design Suite 2016 Feature Update Pack, the new Factory Design Suite 2017 release has a focus on Speed: faster asset publishing, quicker response times when placing assets, quicker synching between AutoCAD and Navisworks and Asset Management: improvements in the lighter assets, working with parameters, better Vault integration and more functions and editing capabilities of assets. Here’s the list Included Software…


What’s New in Product Design Suite 2017

Product Design Suite 2017

With Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD at the core of Product Design Suite, you can view what’s new in Autodesk Inventor here and AutoCAD here. Depending on which Suite (premium or Ultimate), here’s the list of programs in the 2017 Suite: Inventor / Inventor Professional AutoCAD AutoCAD Mechanical AutoCAD Raster Design AutoCAD Electrical 3ds Max Showcase Vault Basic Recap Navisworks…


Autodesk Releases Advance Steel for Structural Detailing

adv steel

Parametric Connections, NC File Support, Revit & Robot Structures Interoperability plus more. Built on the familar AutoCAD, Autodesk Advanced Steel brings a lot of features and functionality missing in Autodesk’s portfolio of design products. Anyone who had experience with AutoCAD Structural detailing knew of it’s limitations, so to have this product released is a step in the right direction. When you…


What Are The Best Tools For Factory Design & Management?

A Way To Address Factory Layouts, Engineering, Sales, Lean Manufacturing, Made to Order, Scheduling & Production Planning Challenges. The design and management of a factory involves many tools and stakeholders. Engineers can design the facilities layout with architectural structures, conveyors, materials handling,  process equipment, safety equipment, office furniture, storage, building utilities (MEP), robots, spray booths, pits, platforms freezers, forklifts and humans,…


How AutoCAD Products Work With Inventor

Interoperability, Associativity, Synch and Exchange Explained. With currently 13 AutoCAD Branded products available, how do they work with Inventor and to what capacity? With all that legacy AutoCAD data out there and users still engineering design on various AutoCAD Products, working with DWG is an important issue and using Autodesk products make it easier. All those time saving features…


The Hybrid Surfacing & Mesh Data Environment

alias surface 2

How Alias Uses Scanned Mesh Data With Surfacing.            With so many companies embracing 3D scanning but with CAD systems only being able to open an STL file, what can you do to recreate a 3D model from your mesh data when your CAD system can’t create features from the mesh? Autodesk Inventor’s mesh enabler…


Recommended Computer Hardware for CAD

What To Get And Why. A CAD user’s workflow generally falls into 2 categories, modeling and simulation and getting a CAD workstation to suit your requirement is essential. While getting something better than what you need will delay the need to buy another computer down the track, getting something less than required will end up costing more than the…


What Do You Mean it’s a Parametric Video?

Project Chronicle: Bringing CAD and Video into One. This Free Technology Preview from Autodesk is really ingenious. It’s a recording utility for CAD & Design Programs that not only records video screen capture and voice narration but also records and shows below the video software gestures too with a timeline chronicle of the sequence of commands, dialogue boxes, files and…


Associativity Between Autodesk Inventor & AutoCAD

Associativity is great, when the 3D model changes, the 2D drawing and Bill of Materials updates automatically. Associativity between programs is even better. So you may ask why do I need to use AutoCAD to detail my 3D model when I already have Inventor? Autodesk Inventor can create a DWG drawing and detail 3D Model which saves time exporting from…


Synching AutoCAD and Inventor with Factory Design Suite

When 2D isn’t Enough but 3D is Too Complicated – Use the Right Tool for the Right Job at the Right Time. Associativity between Autodesk’s AutoCAD and Inventor has always been an enhancement request. A couple years ago, Autodesk released Associativity between AutoCAD and Inventor where you could detail your 3D Inventor models with the power of AutoCAD and…