Synching AutoCAD and Inventor with Factory Design Suite

When 2D isn’t Enough but 3D is Too Complicated – Use the Right Tool for the Right Job at the Right Time.

Associativity between Autodesk’s AutoCAD and Inventor has always been an enhancement request. A couple years ago, Autodesk released Associativity between AutoCAD and Inventor where you could detail your 3D Inventor models with the power of AutoCAD and if the Inventor model was changed, the AutoCAD layout would update automatically, which created a nice workflow between engineers and draftspeople.

[youtube=] In Factory Design Suite, Autodesk took associativity one step further and has incorporated synching at the design/modelling phase. So if you’re in AutoCAD and designing a 2D factory layout of a materials handling system, the 3D model in Inventor will automatically update, and if you’re in Inventor and the conveyor system is elevating upwards and you notice an interference with a platform and need to change direction, the 2D layout in AutoCAD will automatically update too, giving associativity between the 2D layout and 3D model.

This is just one of the many features that have been specifically incorporated in Factory Design Suite, which has tools for Factory Design, Simulation, Optimisation, Visualisation and a Huge Library of 2D/3D Assets to drag and drop.

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You can also check out the features here.

You can also check out the features here.


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