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What is Autodesk Revit?


Compare the AEC Collection to Revit and Revit LT.


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Programs and plug-ins to boost productivity.


Subscription pricing and comparison to the AEC Collection.


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Design architectural, structural and MEP projects, analyse solar studies, structures and flow and document construction drawings.

  • 3D Modelling with tools for multi-discipline design.

  • Parametric design updates floor plans elevations and section views when the model is modified.

  • Collaborate across teams and disciplines.


Parametric Design

Create associative models where parameters and design changes update referenced components, views and schedules.


Work as a team or with other disciplines on a centrally shared file.


Generate reports and material take-offs such as door schedules extracted from model parameters and properties.
Autodesk Revit and Revit lt bim architectural software


Import, export and link data and files from numerous formats, including IFC4.
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Revit has an open application programming interface (API) for custom add-ins to run and connect to. 


Communicate design intent with WYSIWYG annotated editing features.

Global Parameters

Create and use project wide parametric parameters within the project file and families. 
Autodesk Dynamo Training Fundamentals Course. For Revit, Advance Steel or Civil 3D or customised to suit your project needs.


Visual scripting tools top generate designs, automate tasks and extract information.

Conceptual Design

Revit has an open application programming interface (API) for custom add-ins to run and connect to. 

Architectural Design

Model building elements such as walls, floors, ceilings, doors, windows, etc.

Point Clouds

Import 3D laser scans directly into the BIM model.


Navigate through 3D models to validate designs and render photo realistic images.


Design multi-storey stairs, railings, ramps with ease.

Cloud Rendering

Off load photo-realistic rendering jobs to the cloud

Analytical Model

Compare the structural analytical model with changes made in the physical model. Apply loads, set boundary conditions, very models with design rules and link models to external analysis software.

Reinforcement Detailing

3D model, 2D fabrication detailing and rebar schedule concrete structures such as precast panels and cast-in place.

Structural Design

Structural tools for beams, systems, connections, trusses, columns, floors, walls, slabs, rebar and more.
Design Consulting Revit Documentation with steel details Moving at the Speed of Business

2D Detailing

Create precise engineering drawings of structural steel and concrete designs with dimensions, annotations, tags and schedules.

HVAC Design

Design and detail mechanical systems such as ducts, air terminals and equipment. Design piping systems and components. Automatically calculate and select specific sizes for the system in the project.

Electrical Design

Model and document electrical wiring systems, cable trays, conduit, equipment, devices and lighting fixtures.

Extended Features

Increase productivity with these features found in the AEC Collection and BIM 360.

Generative Design

Create generative design studies to quickly view alternate designs


See how easily you can collaborate with internal teams and external stakeholders with BIM 360 Design.

Energy Analysis

Optimise energy performance of buildings

Revit + Advance Steel

Synchronise between Advance Steel and Revit to collaborate with structural steel fabricators. 

Conceptual Analysis Workflows

Use Revit with FormIT, Insight and Dynamo for conceptual design with energy analysis and visual scripting.

Structral Design and Analysis Workflows

Combine Revit, Advance Steel and Robot to design, engineer and fabricate structural projects.

Infrastructure BIM Workflows

Combine Revit, Civil 3D and Infraworks for bridge analysis and design. Use Civil 3D road geometry in Infraworks to layout the bridge and run analysis and then publish to Revit.


Buy Revit on an Annual Subscription or 3 Year Subscription. Get more value from an Architecture Engineering and Construction Collection. Please note that all prices quoted below exclude GST.


Compare the AEC Collection to other products such as Revit, AutoCAD Revit LT suite and Revit LT.

  • AEC Collection
  • Revit
  • AutoCAD Revit LT Suite
  • Revit LT
AEC CollectionRevitAutoCAD Revit LT SuiteRevit LT
/year Ex. GST
/year Ex. GST
/year Ex. GST
/year Ex. GST
3D Modelling
3D CAD Modelling functionality in Revit
2D Design
2D design functionality in AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT
2D Drafting
2D views, annotations, leaders, etc.
Architectural Modelling
Tools to model architectural elements such as floors, walls, doors, etc.
Structural Modelling
Tools to model structural steel and concrete elements
MEP Modelling
Tools for mechanical, electrical and piping elements
Parts and Assemblies
Ability to break up designs in Revit into parts and assemblies
Solar Studies
Conduct solar studies in Revit
Global Parameters
Drive other parameters in Revit
Conceptual Massing
Fast way to model 3D mass objects
Local Rendering
Ray-trace rendering on your PC
Cloud Based Rendering
Off-load rendering to the cloud. High resolution renders cost cloud credits.
Area, analytic model, structural loads, boundary conditions, heating and cooling loads, massing studies
Create schedule and material take-off reports
Interference checks, copy/monitor, worksharing, share coordinates among projects and Revit server
Copy/paste elements in linked Revit files
Ability to copy/paste elements between Revit files that are linked into the Revit project.
Linked Revit file visibility customisation
Control the visibility ofelements of Revit projects that have been linked
Point Clouds
Import point clouds via Recap
Standard Revit Exporters
Export to DWG, DGN, DWF, Images, FBX, NWC and reports
Additional Revit Exporters
SAT, ADSK, gbXML, ODBC, family types
Application Programming Interface (API)
Install plug-ins, create plug-ins, macros and run Dynamo scripts
Energy, lighting, solar analysis
Features found in Insight
Non-Linear Structural Analysis
FEA tools in Robot
Civil Infrastructure Design
Tools in Civil 3D and Infraworks
Structural Steel Detailing
Features found in Advance Steel
Electrical Schematics
Features found in AutoCAD specialised toolsets
GIS Mapping
Features found in AutoCAD specialised toolsets
Raster Tools
Features found in AutoCAD specialised toolsets
Plant Design
Features found in AutoCAD specialised toolsets
P&ID Schematics
Features found in AutoCAD specialised toolsets
Clash Detection
Features found in Navisworks Manage
5D Scheduling
Features found in Navisworks Manage
Project Review and Coordination
Features found in Navisworks Manage
Production Rendering and Animation
Features found in 3ds Max
Bridge loading, analysis and code checking
Features found in Structural Bridge Design
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AEC Collection Add-Ons

Check out these programs and plug-ins to boost productivity even further.
Cloud based worksharing, collaboration and model comparison. Includes BIM 360 Docs.
Revit Utilities Logo Moving at the Speed of Business
Revit enhancements for BIM management, renumbering, Excel, sheets, MEP, parameters and more.
Cloud based construction management with document control, collaboration.
Fabrication applications such as CADmep, ESTmep and CAMduct
Computational Fluid Dynamic software to simulate wind loads, air and fluid flows.
IMAGINiT Clarity Logo Moving at the Speed of Business
Revit Automation, Analytics
and Access.

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