Associativity Between Autodesk Inventor & AutoCAD

Associativity is great, when the 3D model changes, the 2D drawing and Bill of Materials updates automatically. Associativity between programs is even better. So you may ask why do I need to use AutoCAD to detail my 3D model when I already have Inventor? Autodesk Inventor can create a DWG drawing and detail 3D Model which saves time exporting from IDW to DWG and managing two file types.

It has many benefits; cost, resource allocation and toolsets being the main ones. Why chew up a more expensive Inventor licence when you can have that licence being used for 3D Modelling and use AutoCAD to detail it out.  You may have an engineer who designs the product and he can then delegate the detailing and continue to work on engineering. AutoCAd is great at mechanism layouts, matching bolt holes, styles/standards, striking arcs to find range of motion


The Right Tool for the Right Job

AutoCAD is an all-purpose drafting package, suitable for any industry and can be a better choice when it is not practical to use Inventor. So having the flexibility of two packages is still the norm in many workplaces.

Sometimes it is easier to do projects in AutoCAD than using 3D Parametric modelling, it has a higher precision too being able to support 7 digits before and after the decimal point if you need that capability.

Other Packages that are Associative with Inventor

Inventor is also associative with Autodesk Alias which is an added benefit for companies who want to create Class-A surfaces with 3D Mechanical CAD .


Using the Autodesk Exchange File format you can also bring into Plant 3D Inventor files and have all the intelligence and metadata necessary to make them work together.


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