The Parametric Human Project

3D Modelling Nuts & Bolts with Bones & Tendons.

Anyone have a 3D Model of a parametric biomechanical human body? No! Autodesk Research’s Digital Ergonomics Divisions focus is on creating products that involve human interaction and having an advanced biomechanical human model can help make these better products better because currently testing these products against known human fatos is difficult.

thumb_projects_parametrichumanWith a parametric human model in various shapes and sizes (imagine running ilogic on human iassemblies!), designers can test and simulate ergonomics of their digital prototype and refine the products as required reducing prototyping reiterations, just like you would using conventional dynamic motion analysis and simulation.

The Parametric Human Project is one related project of Digital Ergonomics that is working in conjunction with Autodesk Research to do just that leveraging on multiscale datasets to achieve the results.

Applications for medical devices are obvious but anything that involves human interaction would benefit from these projects.