Synching AutoCAD and Inventor Layouts with PDM Collection

factory design suite 2
factory design suite 2

Synching AutoCAD and Inventor Layouts with PDM Collection

The ability to select a conveyor, draw hundreds of metres in polylines and within seconds convert it into an Inventor assembly of thousands of parts and a bill of materials is a game changer.

Whether it’s a conveyor system for a factory or chutes for the resource sector, the Autodesk Product Design & Manufacturing Collection has unique AutoCAD 2D and Inventor 3D synchronisation tools to get the job done faster.

With the Factory Design Utilities in the PDM Collection, users can:

  • Layout and synch between AutoCAD and Inventor
  • Access 1000’s of smart Factory assets
  • Create your own custom factory assets
  • Chain assets – 3D models from an AutoCAD polyline
  • Process analysis – create layouts and simulate, optimise and report on assembly lines

Check out the Autodesk Factory Channel here to learn more:

Design Consulting offers Factory Design Utilities setup and training, so contact us if you’re interested in seeing how Factory Design Utilities works.

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