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What Are The Best Tools For Factory Design and Management? Pt. 2

factory design suite option b Moving at the Speed of Business

The Foundation of Factory Design Suite Part 1 summarised the challenges and some of the tools used in designing and managing a Factory/Facility. This part focuses on Autodesk’s solution that addresses these challenges and subsequent posts will cover working with existing layouts, creating new layouts, analysis (process analysis, machine utilisation & energy consumption), visualisation and linking Factory Design Suite with…


The Hybrid Surfacing & Mesh Data Environment

Autodesk alias autostudio, alias surface, alias concept

How Alias Uses Scanned Mesh Data With Surfacing.            With so many companies embracing 3D scanning but with CAD systems only being able to open an STL file, what can you do to recreate a 3D model from your mesh data when your CAD system can’t create features from the mesh? Autodesk Inventor’s mesh enabler…


1.2m Titanium Part from 3D Printer Sets New Benchmark

Get larger stronger parts produced quicker at a lower cost…. Something Australian Manufacturing needs to stay competitive. It took 37 hours to print the 1.2m spar section (used to form an aircraft wing) using a WAAM process; Wire and Arc Additive Manufacture and is part of a joint research project between BAE Systems and Cranfield University. Check out the…


Alias Design: Class A Surfacing for the Mainstream

When People Buy Your Products Because They Look Better. A Class A Surface can be defined as one without physical imperfection. In the Automotive world, Class A Surfaces are mandatory as any reflection while highlight any imperfections, and have been used for Automotive surfaces for years, but what about consumer products, why doesn’t this market segment demand Class A…


Turn Photos Into 3D Models

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Autodesk ReCap Photo: Making Images a Virtual Reality What do you get when you cross unlimited cloud computing and cutting edge digital stitching? A 3D Mesh. Add Auotdesk Project Momento  for analysis and correction and Mesh Enabler to convert the mesh into a 3D Solid, now you’ve got something you can work with. Autodesk ReCap for laser scanning is already included…