Turn Photos Into 3D Models

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Autodesk ReCap Photo: Making Images a Virtual Reality

What do you get when you cross unlimited cloud computing and cutting edge digital stitching? A 3D Mesh. Add Auotdesk Project Momento  for analysis and correction and Mesh Enabler to convert the mesh into a 3D Solid, now you’ve got something you can work with.

Autodesk ReCap for laser scanning is already included with Autodesk Design Suites, what many don’t know is that with an Autodesk 360 account, via a web browser, you can upload digital images and ReCap Photo will stitch them into a 3d Model.


Once the model has been created, you can add a reference dimension and ReCap will scale the model accordingly. The site has tools to add/remove images, manually stitch photos, videos, tutorials and examples to get the best results.

It is not as good as having a 3D Scanner but it’s pretty damn good for what it is as the technology has its limitations. Reflective items (e.g. glass, chrome, etc) are hard to stitch and ambient light gives the best results.

Autodesk have another similar site called 123D Catch (Web & iPhone) aimed at the hobby market, so don’t confuse the two. ReCap runs on a different engine and you can upload as many images as you require, whereas 123D Catch is limited to 70 images.

Try it and let me know what you think…

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