What Do You Mean it’s a Parametric Video?

Project Chronicle: Bringing CAD and Video into One.

[gickr.com]_d44e9827-c93a-8244-f521-a9c438f04220This Free Technology Preview from Autodesk is really ingenious. It’s a recording utility for CAD & Design Programs that not only records video screen capture and voice narration but also records and shows below the video software gestures too with a timeline chronicle of the sequence of commands, dialogue boxes, files and products (like a parametric history tree) that were used.

The benefit of this way of recording video is so viewers can better understand how a design was made.

Once recorded, users can play the video and click on a feature command in the timeline, say the extrude command, and view the video at that point in time. Hovering over a feature command in the timeline explains its function. It has a thumbnail navigator too showing what’s happened and coming up.

Features include:

                • Selecting the region of your screen, fixing the region to an applications window size or multiple screens.
            • Searching features in the chronicle and highlighting those features in the timeline
            • Preview & Video Editing
            • Embedding the video
            • Aspect ration correction
            • Language
            • Mouse Visualisations
            • Capture Keyboard Events
            • Screenshots
            • Upload to Cloud (Public, Listed or Private)

Once uploaded to the Chronicle site there are further options to edit the appearance

Supported Software

Project Chronicle will work on any software title as a screen capture recorder but only supports commands on most AutoCAD titles (i.e. Electrical, Mechanical, etc.), Inventor and Revit and will work on all major browsers.

The benefit to titles that don’t support the commands is the recording of dialogue boxes, what files and product is being used.


Autodesk Labs Site

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