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Connected Design with Autodesk Product Design & Manufacturing Collection

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Connected Design with Autodesk Product Design & Manufacturing Collection

Connecting Autodesk Inventor with Other Software Tools for Efficient Design

Are you looking for ways to streamline your product design and manufacturing process? Autodesk Product Design & Manufacturing Collection which includes Autodesk Inventor, a powerful 3D modelling software, can be a game-changer for your business. Not only can Inventor help you create complex designs with ease, but it can also connect with other Autodesk software tools for a more efficient and integrated design process.

Here’s how Product Design & Manufacturing Collection and Inventor can connect with other Autodesk software tools to improve your design workflow:

Connected Design with Product Design & Manufacturing Collection

Inventor can be used in conjunction with other Autodesk software tools such as Revit, 3ds Max, and AutoCAD. This “connected design” approach allows for seamless data exchange between software applications, improving collaboration and reducing the risk of errors and delays.

Using Inventor and AutoCAD to improve Design and Collaboration

Inventor and AutoCAD can be used together to create 2D drawings of 3D models. This integration streamlines the design process and allows for quick changes to be made to drawings as the design evolves.

Collaboration in Navisworks

Models can be imported into Navisworks for simulation and analysis. This integration allows designers to evaluate the performance of their designs and identify potential issues before production begins.

Navisworks Factory Moving at the Speed of Business
Editing Properties in Vault

Connected Design with 3ds Max

Export 3D models to 3ds Max for high-quality rendering and visualization. This integration allows designers to create photorealistic images and animations of their designs, making it easier to communicate their vision to stakeholders and customers.

Autodesk Revit

Connecting Product Design & Manufacturing Collection to Revit

Inventor can import Revit models to create detailed designs for mechanical and electrical components. Revit models can also be exported to Inventor for further refinement.

Revit interoperability Moving at the Speed of Business

Autodesk Shared Views: Collaborate Easily with Stakeholders

Autodesk Shared Views is a cloud-based tool that enables users to share their designs and models with stakeholders in real-time. It simplifies the review process by allowing users to share a link to the Shared View, where reviewers can access the design directly in their browser. Shared Views supports multiple reviewers and provides markup tools for collaboration. The tool also includes version control features for tracking changes and viewing previous versions. Being cloud-based, Shared Views requires no software or hardware installation, making it accessible from any device with an internet connection.

How Autodesk Inventor Helps You Achieve BIM Interoperability

Autodesk Inventor simplifies BIM workflows and enhances collaboration with other stakeholders by providing BIM interoperability tools. These tools allow you to create, import and export BIM data in various formats, enabling you to work more efficiently with software like Revit and Navisworks. Inventor’s BIM Content Creation, BIM Content Import, BIM Project Review and BIM-to-Fabrication tools provide accurate and consistent designs. These tools can be used in conjunction with the Product Design and Manufacturing Industry Collection, which includes additional software tools. Start using Inventor’s BIM interoperability tools today to streamline your workflow and deliver better projects.

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Revolutionizing Electronics Design: How Autodesk Inventor's PCB Interoperability Tools are Changing the Game

Autodesk Inventor is a powerful CAD software that offers a range of advanced features for mechanical and electrical design. One of the most valuable features for electronic designers is the ability to work with printed circuit boards (PCBs) directly in the software. With Autodesk Inventor’s PCB interoperability tools, users can streamline their design process and create more accurate designs.

Inventor’s PCB Interoperability Tools

Inventor offers a suite of tools for working with PCBs, including:

  • ECAD-MCAD Collaboration
  • PCB layout import
  • Design rule checking
  • Export to Manufacturing

Additionally, Inventor’s ability to import and view PCB layouts from other software tools enables designers to work with existing designs and make any necessary changes in a 3D environment. This feature saves time and improves accuracy.

Finally, Inventor’s comprehensive design rule checking tool ensures that the design meets industry standards and identifies any potential errors before the manufacturing process. This feature reduces the risk of costly errors and ensures that the design is accurate and ready for production.

Product Design & Manufacturing Collection Connected Matrix

SoftwareDescriptionFile TypeCommandImport/ExportLink
Inventor3D mechanical design software used for creating detailed product designs and engineering documentationIPT, IAMOPEN, MODEL, DRAWING, PUBLISHImport: DWG, DXF, STEP, IGES, SAT, CATIA, SolidWorks, Pro/E, NXExport: DWG, DXF, STEP, IGES, SAT, CATIA, SolidWorks, Pro/E, NX
AutoCAD2D and 3D computer-aided design software used for creating blueprints, schematics, and modelsDWG, DXF, DWFDRAWING, MODEL, VIEW, PLOTImport: DWG, DXF, DWF, PDF, STEP, SAT, IGES, STLExport: DWG, DXF, DWF, PDF, STL, OBJ, FBX
Fusion 360Integrated CAD, CAM, and CAE software used for product development and manufacturingF3D, IPT, IAMOPEN, MODEL, DRAWING, CAMImport: DWG, DXF, STEP, IGES, SAT, SolidWorks, Pro/E, NXExport: DWG, DXF, STEP, IGES, SAT, SolidWorks, Pro/E, NX
Alias AutoStudioIndustrial design software used for creating and visualizing product designsOBJ, STLOPEN, MODEL, RENDERImport: IGES, STEP, STL, OBJ, SolidWorks, CATIA, Pro/EExport: IGES, STEP, STL, OBJ, SolidWorks, CATIA, Pro/E
NavisworksProject review software used for 3D coordination, model analysis, and clash detectionNWD, NWFOPEN, APPEND, EXPORT, PUBLISHImport: DWG, DWF, DGN, IFC, SKP, FBX, 3DS, OBJExport: DWF, DWFx, NWC, NWF, FBX, 3DS, OBJ
HSMWorksIntegrated CAM software used for programming CNC machinesIPT, IAMSETUP, TOOLPATH, POSTImport: DWG, DXF, STEP, IGES, SAT, SolidWorks, Pro/E, NXExport: DWG, DXF, STEP, IGES, SAT, SolidWorks, Pro/E, NX
Nastran In-CADFinite element analysis (FEA) software used for simulating and analyzing product designsNAS, OP2OPEN, ANALYSIS, RESULTSImport: IPT,

Interoperability between design and analysis software

Import/Export: Inventor supports a variety of file formats for import and export, including STEP, IGES, and SAT. This flexibility allows for easy data exchange between Inventor and other software tools, improving collaboration and reducing errors.


By connecting Inventor with other Autodesk software tools, designers can create complex designs with ease, reduce errors and delays, and streamline the design process. With improved collaboration and data exchange, the product design and manufacturing process can be more efficient and cost-effective.

In conclusion, Autodesk Inventor is a powerful tool that can be used in conjunction with other Autodesk software tools to improve the design workflow. By following the tips outlined in this article, you can optimize your design process, reduce errors and delays, and create high-quality designs that meet your business needs.

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Connected Design

Design Consulting Product Design Manufacturing Collection Moving at the Speed of Business

Connected Design with Product Design & Manufacturing Collection

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Is the Automotive Industry just Big Tech on Wheels?

automotive big tech on wheels alias, iot, Autodesk alias autostudio, alias surface, alias concept

Is the Automotive Industry just Big Tech on Wheels?

With more and more tech going into cars with connected systems suing IoT, global positioning systems (GPS) and the technology for semi-autonomous and autonomous vehicles, will the automotive industry and big tech converge into one.

automotive big tech on wheels alias, iot, Autodesk alias autostudio, alias surface, alias concept

Transformation of the Automotive Industry

With the push for greener vehicles, more and more electronic systems and sensors, a connected digital supply chain, robotics, digital design, virtual reality and other technologies, it seems like we are already there.

automotive configurator tablet

Connected Automobiles

Our smartphones are already connected to vehicles via bluetooth and many cars have sim cards and these software platforms are all connected and can be used for consumer and industrial applications that can benefit the driver, passengers and payloads with a huge growth potential.

With these connected system, comes big data and analytics feeding into a centralised system give automobile manufacturers insights into how automobiles are being used and IoT diagnostics on component wear and tear, maintenance and failure

Manufacturing Big Tech Automotive

Most automotive factories are already using digital prototyping, design, machining and analysis software where the CAD models and metadata are used to in manufacturing processes, systems and machines to manufacture.

In the concept and design phases, virtual reality and high-end visualisation systems are used as standard, however, the automotive industry needs to be more agile and innovation to connecting not only cars to human interface devices but also other cars and systems and infrastructure that connect to cars. 

Automotive Needs More Programmers

automotive big tech iot

With today’s cars packed full of tech, the industry needs more programmers than ever to create in-built applications and integrate systems with external devices and applications.

“Today’s car infotainment systems use more than 10 million lines of code,” said Audi’s Member of the Board of Management for Marketing and Sales, Hildegaard Wortmann, speaking at NVIDIA’s GTC21 event this year. “That’s as much code as an entire vehicle needed just a few years ago.”

While the advantages of technology in cars and trucks is self-evident, the overhead to innovate, design and manage applications for essentially what is a mechanical smartphone device on wheels, adds to the cost of manufacturing and development.

What Does the Future Look Like for Automotive and Big Tech?

The Hollywood vision of driverless hybrid flying cars running on a anti-gravity fuel system is still far away but if we look at the gains we have made in the last 5 years, it’s probably not as far away as you think.

With over 50% of the workforce wanting to work from home these days, do we really need a car with all that tech if the days of being stuck in traffic for an hour or more are gone but we only have to imagine the magical drive down the ocean or trekking to the mountains and the justification of paying for all that tech and comfort makes sense in a car full of screaming kids. 

Autodesk alias autostudio, alias surface, alias concept

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