Autodesk Announce CAM 360 – 1st Ever Cloud Based CAM

Autodesk have launched CAM 360 and you can try it here. It’s the only CAM that combines CNC Programming (Generator & Editing), Tool Path Simulation, and Design with real-time collaboration and online project and data management. It’s based on HSMWorks technology which they acquired about 13 months ago and comes with Fusion 360 too which will allow to to do 3D CAD Modelling with Direct Editing.

interopcam360-small The beauty of Autodesk’s 360 range is that it can be accessed on PC or Mac and on mobile devices for collaboration as well  connecting you to the stakeholders in real-time.

It can be used for all major CAD files (2D/3D) and integrates with Autodesk Inventor & Dassault Solidworks.

All in all, it just shows why Autodesk is leading the Engineering & Design Space not just with cool technology that  revolutionises the what you can do but by launching innovative products and options and pushing the boundaries when the  competition are only making enhancements.

Autodesk also released HSMWorks 2014 for Solidworks, which is an integrated CAM for Solidworks 2014 which will run on a local machine and have the same CAM features to CAM 360 with all the cloud features.

It would be interesting to see how CAM 360 & HSMWorks 2014 integrates with Solidworks when Dassault change the kernel from Parasolid to V6  or launch Solidworks V6 side by side with that 6 year old Parasolid kernel they’re still running on. Who knows, not even HSMWorks were in the loop, and they were  one of the longest standing Gold Partners of Solidworks and they couldn’t get a straight answer. You can check out the  HSMWorks/Solidworks V6 story here.

View the Autodesk Press Release here and Autodesk University had a great showcase recording on Autodesk CAM here

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